Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2009

Universal Studios halloween horror nights 2009 attractions

If your looking for information on Halloween Horror nights 2010 at Universal Studios, please go to this years posting for the new Halloween Horror nights 2010. It’s got a lot of new haunted houses and lots more!

Once again it’s time for Universal Studios Halloween horror nights! The biggest and scariest Halloween party in Orlando, Universal’s horror nights gets better every year. Now in it’s 19th year (I think) I’ve been to several of them. They have people that work on the sets, themes and costumes all year long. Horror nights is in the “old” Universal Studios park, not Islands Of Adventure.

Each year the sets are a little different, depending on what new movie has come out. However the old favorites are always there. Frankenstein, Dracula, zombies and so on are always around. Halloween Horror nights are only on selected nights. Sept. 25, 26, (last weekend, sorry) Oct. 1-4, 8-11, 15-18, 21-25 and 28-31.

During the day the park operates normally. But once the park closes on these nights at around 6:00 PM or so they turn the place into a creep-fest! Lights burn a blood red, forest come alive, all the park workers are in costumes and fog seems to appear everywhere. Horror nights starts at around 7:00 PM and last late, until 2:00 AM I think.

Most of the rides still operate normally. But throughout the park there are scare zones and this year 8 main haunted houses, each one with it’s own theme. They all work the same; you stand in line (a LONG line!) and then walk through each one like a maze, getting scared by all kinds of creeps, monsters and graphic images.

To keep you entertained while you wait they have lots of clips of horror movies playing on outside screens. I must say the clips they show are very gory, fully R rated. Halloween horror nights is NOT for little kids! I’ve seen some parents bring little ones, but I don’t recommend it. I myself would not bring any kids younger than 12, however there is no age limit. Use your own judgment.

So lets see what this years haunted houses are going to be about, shall we? In no order here are the 8 main haunted houses:

Based on the new Universal movie coming out in Feb. 2010. Sort of an outdoor set, making you feel like your running through the woods with a wolfman after you!

Great set, filled with gory props and live brides of Dracula that hisss like a steam train! Some beautiful and ugly ones in there!

That this was one was a no brainer. Lots of torture sets and gruesome images. They even make sure the smell is right, eewwww!

Yes based on that little demonic doll, Chucky and all his evil toy friends give you a good scare. Cool lights and strobes make everything a bit dizzy.

1950’s butcher setting filled with gross and horrifying sets. It is however very cool to see the creativity they use.

Land of the damned, with stitched-together theme running throughout the whole house.

Many old time favorites come together here. Music and noise seems a bit loud.

Plenty of creepy crawlies and sewer creatures, lots of things hanging down to smack you in the face!

Plus you have the outside scare zones, with chainsaw running zombies and other dead creatures running around. Now, nobody will actually touch or grab you. At least that is what Universal tells their actors not to do. If you stand your ground they will just turn around and go after the next scared babe they see!

So don’t get too worked up or you’ll end up falling over a curb or running into other people. I once went with some friends and a girl with us screamed so loud she scared the zombies! So if your really into Halloween and love horror stuff, then check out Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. Oh, you are NOT allowed to wear a costume.

Halloween Horror Nights
When: Sept. 25, 26, Oct. 1-4, 8-11, 15-18, 21-25 and 28-31 at night.
Cost: $69.99 general admission, with discounts for Florida residents and pass holders.
For more info go to http://halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/

Universal Studios halloween horror nights 2009 attractions