Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, small kids allowed?

Halloween horror nights

Well it’s almost time for Universal Studios Halloween horror nights! I thought I would discuss the age limits of kids to this event, and what age seems to be too young.

Now officially there is NO age limit in place for Halloween horror nights. You can bring your 2 month old baby to this event if you want to. I have seen people pushing kids around in a stroller that are only 2 to 4 years old.

What Universal Studios does say is that the event may be too intense for young kids and is not recommended for kids under the age of 13. This makes sense to me; I don’t think any kids under 13 should go to this.

Now if you have never been to Halloween horror nights you may think “what’s the big deal”? Well, the deal is that this is not your normal cheesy haunted house with a few guys dressed up.

Universal Studios are pros at making their zombies and freaks very realistic and damn frightening. They walk around with blood all over them, eyes popped out, hands missing, axes in their heads, running chainsaws and more.

That’s just the ones walking around outside. Once you go into the haunted houses it gets a lot more intense. You see very elaborate sets with victims being sawed in half, spooks jumping at you everywhere and so on.

Add in fake smoke and very realistic smells of blood, sewers, burning flesh and so on and you have a very frightening scene. They sometimes also show the gory parts of the top R rated horror movies.

Alcohol is also served during this event. That means drunks that get out of hand and start shooting off their mouths with some pretty foul language. Macho guys love to go to this and try to impress their girlfriends.

Add all this up and it just does not seem like a very young kid friendly event to me! Halloween horror nights is a mature event made for adults, simple as that. I know if I went when I was young it would scare me silly.

So I recommend leaving any kids 12 or younger at home. Little ones 6 years and younger for sure should not go. Otherwise your going to be paying some bucks for mental health visits down the road.

Having said all that there is no age limit in place, so you can bring the young ones if you want. But I would not recommend it and you’ll be doing your kids a favor by not bringing them. Who needs a horror phobia about clowns or zombies! :(


  1. Aw im 9 and i want to go