Universal Studios Harry Potter land grand opening June 18th!

Harry Potter world

Well we finally have an official opening date of the eagerly awaited Harry Potter land at Universal Studios. The head honcho’s at Universal has said the grand opened will be June 18!

Now, noticed I said that’s the “grand opening”. That is when they really make it official, hold the press conference and all that good stuff. But I already said they are selling vacation packages with Harry Potter land included for May 28 or so.

That’s because they always have a soft opening for any new ride or attraction. A soft opening means they open the attraction, or in this case the gates to Harry Potter land. Not all the shops or rides may be open during the soft opening.

This is the time they work out all the bugs in the rides, notice problems and fix them. So they will open it, but not really say much about it while they fix things. So this will be why people can see it by May 28th.

They will open the Harry Potter park section, but parts of it may not be fully open. Or the rides may be down from time to time as they work out the bugs and problems.

But when June 18th comes, they hope to have it all working smoothly and that is when they hold the “grand opening”, see? So, you can take a chance and go earlier, like around June 1st or so.

But if you want to make sure everything is open throughout the new park and that all the rides are running good, wait till after the grand opening, which will now be June 18th!