Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2011 concerts, parade, party!

Video I took of 2010 Universal Studios Mardi Gras parade

Thinking about heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Why not check out the celebration at Universal Studios, instead? Come on down to warm, sunny Florida and enjoy some spicy Cajun cuisine, awesome music, and an amazing parade at Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2011 party.

This year Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2011 party is Every Saturday and select nights from February 12th – April 23rd. The Mardi Gras parade is at dusk while the Mardi Gras concerts are February 12 – April 9: 8:30 pm and April 16 & 23: 9:30pm.

It’s going to be the biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the U.S. outside the Big Easy! The food here will tempt the most jaded gourmet – authentic Cajun and Creole dishes that include main courses, desserts, and snacks.

Dive into some shrimp gumbo or some jambalaya, and sink your teeth into a crusty beignet. Be sure to come hungry; you’ll want to try some of everything. And don’t forget to order a Hurricane to go with your meal.

You’ll enjoy some top bands and artists performing hip-hop, rock, pop, country, and R & B at this years Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2011 concerts. Musicians direct from New Orleans will be supplying all the sounds made famous in the Crescent City, including some sultry blues and some riveting Zydeco. Don’t just sit there – kick off your shoes and cut a rug!

Concert update! Thirty Seconds to Mars has been moved to April 23rd from March 19th. The band playing March 19th will be The Roots.

Universal Studios Mardi Gras concerts performers for each night:

Saturday Feb. 12th
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

Saturday Feb. 19th
The B-52’s

Sunday Feb. 20th
KC and the Sunshine band

Saturday Feb. 26th

Saturday March 5th
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Saturday March 12th

Friday March 18th
Neon Trees

Saturday March 19th
The Roots

Friday March 25th

Saturday March 26th
Blake Shelton

Friday April 1st
Sean Kingston

Saturday April 2nd

Saturday April 9th

Saturday April 16th
The Beach Boys

Saturday April 23rd
Thirty Seconds to Mars

The climax of the event is the Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2011 parade. Confetti will fill the air as you watch the spectacular floats, dancers, dazzling costumes, stilt walkers, and street performers.

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to catch some beads and some doubloons, too. To really get in the Fat Tuesday mood, stop in one of the gift shops for a feather boa, a mask, or a jester hat.

The sights, the sounds, the tastes, the aromas, and the overall atmosphere at the festivities are almost like being in the Big Easy. If you have kids along, Mardi Gras at Universal is much more kid-friendly than it’s counterpart in New Orleans. Even so, it’s still a heck of a party!

So check out this years Universal Studios Mardi Gras 2011 parade, party and concerts Every Saturday and select nights from February 12th – April 23rd. It’s included with regular park admission!


  1. So. When do the concerts usually kick off?

  2. HI Tiarra. I mentioned them in my second paragraph. To recap:

    Concert times are February 12 – April 9 at 8:30 pm and April 16 & 23 at 9:30pm.
    Go and have a blast, I’ll be there for a few of the nights. I’ll be the one standing on something high with a video camera!

  3. Is there a Mardi Gras parade inside the park every night like Disney? I know in the text above and on the website it says on “select” nights? Can you tell me if they have the parade every night or which nights?


  4. Hi Theresa. No they do not hold the Mardi Gras parade every night. The Mardi Gras parade is held on every night of the concerts you see above.

    So that is every Saturday night from Feb. 12th to April 23rd. PLUS on some Fridays and even one Sunday. Again those nights are the same as the concerts above.

    So just check each concert date above and the parade will also be on those nights. I agree Universal was a bit vague about the nights, I just repeated what the info was I read.

    For the most part it’s every Saturday night from Feb. 12th to April 23rd. :)

  5. Thanks. I over read the page the first time on times. Maybe I will see u then. Im really looking forward to 30 seconds to mars and so grateful that they r part of your lineup. Thank-you for that. Where is the concert held? City walk? I would love to be near the stage. I haven’t seen them in concert in 6 years. So this will be so much fun.:)

  6. Your welcome Tiarra. No the concerts will be held at the Music Plaza Stage inside Universal Studios Orlando park, The “old” park. That’s the stage right beside rip ride rocket.

    So you can see the Mardi Gras parade, then head to the stage all in the same park. I might be there the night 30 seconds to mars plays, you never know. Have fun 😉

  7. do you have to be 21 to get in?`

  8. Hi there Katie! No you do not have to be over 21. Anyone of all ages can get in. They do serve beer and alcohol in vendor booths. If you want to have a drink you have to provide proof your over 21.

    But otherwise anyone can get in and enjoy the party, they just can’t buy beer or alcohol unless they are over 21. Hope you go and have fun! :)

  9. So for the concerts is it just like your the first one to get there an then you are in the front row?

  10. Hi Raquel, I saw this just before I was going to bed! Actually that concert, because it’s an outdoor type, is mostly people standing. There are a few chairs but most people just stand, or sit on the ground.

    So yeah, if you want to sit by the front early you can be upfront. Basically you squeeze in anywhere you can. Lots of people spread out all over, you can hear the music from a long distance because of the speakers. Have fun! Going to bed now. :)

  11. I have another question, so is the parade the same time every night?

  12. Ah ha, I went to bed before you asked this one! Yes, give or take 15 minutes or so the parade is the same time each night. Normally it’s at dusk, or around 7:00 to 7:30.

  13. Is the KC and the Sunshine concert free? If I have a universal/Island of Adventure/Citywalk pass does that get you in? Or do you have to purchase a separate ticket for the Marti Gras?

  14. Hi there Mitch. The Mardi Gras parade and concerts are all included with a regular theme park ticket or annual pass to Universal Studio Orlando theme park.

    Mardi Gras is NOT an event you have to buy a special ticket for, nor are the concerts. So yes, you will be able to see them without getting a separate ticket.

  15. Will there be a meet and greet? (I highly doubt it :(

  16. Hi Natalia. I assume you mean the bands? No, they just show up on stage, then take off when they are done, sorry. I have seen people talk to the band members right after the shows if they hang around. Most of the time it’s pretty casual.

    You can talk to and get your picture taken with lots of the Mardi Gras dancers and characters however. They walk around greeting people an hour or two before the parade.

  17. Hi there! Is there a line which forms before you enter the “venue” or do you just show up and hang out in front of the stage? I want to be up front, so I am trying to plan my day :) Thanks!!! Kim

  18. Hello Kim! I assume you mean the concert after the Mardi Gras Parade? Well let me explain both. As for the parade, you just start trying to find a spot anytime you want along the parade route. Some pick a spot two hours before the parade, others the last minute.

    There are handicap and annual passholder sections, as well as sections just for kids. You can find them on the parade map.

    As for the concert, that is a very casual type of event. Again you just sit down and pick a spot wherever you want. How early depends on you. Some who want a front spot sit down an hour before it starts. But most the time you can just squeeze up to the front if your not shy.

    So it’s first come first served. Or how pushy you are!! Have fun. :)