Universal Studios meal deal review and information

Universal Studios meal deal review

I thought you might want a little review of Universal Studios meal deal package, which lets you pay one price to eat all day. So, here’s my Universal Studios meal deal review and information for you.

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that dining out while on vacation can really eat into your vacation budget, and theme parks are notorious for high-priced food.

Universal Studios in Orlando listened to their visitors and came up with a great idea – the Universal Meal Deal. This great plan allows park guests to eat all they want, beginning at lunchtime and ending 30 minutes before the park closes, all for one price.

Where can you eat with the Universal Meal Deal? In all, six different restaurants from both parks are participating, including Mel’s Drive-In, Burger Digs, Louie’s Italian Restaurant, Comic Strip Café, International Film and Food Festival, and Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-Pendous.

Guests can enjoy burgers, pizza, salads, pasta dishes, fried chicken, fries, sandwiches, chicken fingers, Chinese food, and more. No matter how picky your family might be when it comes to eating, there’s no doubt that everyone will find something they love. Best of all, you can eat as much and as often as you like!

Each 2-park meal ticket is good for one day and can be used at Universal Studio Orlando and at Islands of Adventure. The price for adults and kids over ten is $23.99 each, and for kids nine and under, the cost is $11.99.

This is an amazing deal when you consider how much you’d spend on meals otherwise. If you’re planning to eat in only one park, the meal ticket is $19.99 for adults and kids over ten, and just $9.99 for ages nine and under.

Meal Deal tickets can be purchased at the front gate of the park, at any of the participating restaurants, or online. The Universal Meal Deal is a great money saver, and you and your family won’t have to waste a lot of time trying to decide where to eat while you’re a guest in the theme park.

You’ll know ahead of time exactly how much you’ll be spending on meals in advance, which will be beneficial in planning your vacation budget.

So is Universal Studios meal deal worth it? For most people with a healthy appetite, I’d say yes. Keep in mind beverages are NOT included with the meal deal.

You can buy a separate meal deal souvenir cup, which entitles you to free soft drink refills all day for $8.99 for all ages. You must purchase it with a meal deal package.

Since walking around the theme parks is hot, the drink deal is very well worth it, maybe more so than the meal deal! However you can only get the refills in the restaurants that are good with the meal deals.

Also keep in mind that the meal deal is for 1 entrée platter and 1 dessert each time. So it’s not like you can just load up your plate with whatever you want each time.

However if your family is going to eat 3 or more meals the day your in the parks, it’s worth it and will save you money. The more people in your family the more it will save you.

That’s my Universal Studios meal deal review and information, hope it helped. To buy meal deal passes online, go here to Universal Studios meal deal page. :)