Universal Studios Men in black alien attack ride review

Universal Studios men in black ride review

With the latest Men In Black movie out a short while ago, I thought I’d do a ride review on the one at Universal Orlando. Men in Black: Alien Attack is one of the most popular attractions at Universal Studios Florida.

While this laser-shooting dark ride may feel dated to some guests, it still has millions of fans worldwide. This thrilling ride is based on the movie with the same name and features 120 different alien species and six-seat vehicles equipped with laser guns and a gaming system that records your score.

This high-tech ride is ideal for those who are not afraid to spin in circles while shooting aliens and monsters. Men in Black: Alien Attack provides some interactive fun for people of all ages.

The entrance features an exhibit called “The Universe & You – Are We Alone?” There are also several posters and microphones. This retro themed exhibit marks the beginning of your journey in a new world.

Guests have access to unlimited ammo. They can just hold down the trigger and the gun will shoot itself. You get your score at the end of the ride. Save the Earth and you might become a real Men in Black agent.

If you are new to this ride, try it once without shooting in order to spot the most difficult targets. Some aliens will pop up from behind items, so you need to be careful. The more aliens you shoot, the more points you will receive.

If you are looking for raw action and pure entertainment, Men in Black: Alien Attack might be exactly what you need. The ride is always different and has multiple endings. From aliens and spaceships to themed decorations, this popular attraction is suitable for children and grownups alike.