Universal Studios New Years Eve 2010, 2011 events, CityWalk shows

Universal Studios new years events for 2010, 2011

It will not be too long before it will be Universal Studios New Years Eve 2010! Or is that 2011? I’m never sure what to call it. Anyway there will be lots to do at Universal Studio’s CityWalk area and theme parks.

Celebrating the New Year at Universal Orlando Resort can be one of the most exciting things you have ever done! Featuring non-stop dancing and entertainment throughout the night, Universal Orlando’s theme parks are the perfect destination for the whole family.

New Year’s Eve festivities in the parks include character appearances, access to the most popular clubs, and fireworks at midnight! You can party, see the most spectacular fireworks displays ever, and dance ’til you drop.

At New Year’s Eve 2010, 2011 at Universal CityWalk, you can watch Bret Michaels live in concert, eat decadent desserts, and enjoy live entertainment. The menu is very diverse, featuring mouth-watering specialties such as lobster in a brown butter, sage, and walnut sauce, shrimps and crab claws, Mediterranean holiday chicken roulade, and Jamaican beef.

The most popular venues include Bob Marley’s Jerk Pit, the Latin Quarter, the Red Coconut Club, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. If you decide to buy tickets to New Year’s Eve at CityWalk, you will gain access to seven unique clubs with live entertainment and delicious treats at CityWalk.

You DO need to buy tickets for Universal Studio CityWalk for New Year’s Eve 2010, 2011. Normally you don’t, as it’s a club area. However it’s a special ticket price for New Years.

Universal Studios New Years Eve 2010, 2011 Party-goers will welcome the New Year with a memorable midnight champagne toast, all-you-can-eat gourmet cuisine, and confetti bursts at CityWalk. With live music on the main stage, fireworks, and a rocking performance by Bret Michaels, Universal Orlando Resort is your premiere destination!

There are no fireworks at Island’s of Adventure theme park, but there will be some plus the Cinesphere Spectacularâ„¢ show in the lagoon over at Universal Studios park, plus the Macy’s parade.

Both Universal Studios two theme parks will be open until 1:00 AM on New Years Eve 2010, 2011. The New Years eve celebration at CityWalk is from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

For tickets to Universal Studios CityWalk New Years Eve party 2010, 2011, Click here,,,,

Live the high life and celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2010, 2011 at Universal CityWalk and Universal Studios Orlando! Take your family and friends, relax, and get ready to party all night long! Be sure to make reservations ASAP in advance and buy tickets online for the best deals.


  1. Even if you don’t go into the clubs, you still need to buy tickets?

  2. Hi Tom, thanks for asking. Yes you need to buy tickets because it’s a special event. They will have food outside the clubs that anyone can eat so you need tickets.

    However I don’t understand how they know what people are just there for the theme parks and what ones are there for the citywalk bash. Maybe they rope off the whole part of Citywalk where the clubs are.

  3. Is universal city walk NYEve 2011 for over 21 only? thanks

  4. HI Fred, good question! Yes, you do need to be 21 years of age or older to go to the citywalk new years eve bash. If you look at the tickets to buy for that event you will notice there are no ticket discounts for kids, as they are not allowed. Thanks for asking!

  5. Where are they going to stage the buffet?

  6. How much is parking that night?

  7. Hey Tom, you sure ask a lot of questions! The buffet is going to be spread out among the nightclubs. You should be able to find buffet stations spread out in front of most of the clubs, as well as some food inside each one.

    The free food does NOT include drinks. However there is a free champagne toast at midnight. I assume they will have the food out shorty after the event opens, around 8 to 9 PM.

    I also assume the parking fee will be $3.00, same as always after 6 PM. Go and have a good time!

  8. One more question, I have read there was a VIP ticket in which you get free access and open bars to all the clubs. Is this true, if so, how much are the tickets

  9. Well that’s news to me. It does not mention anything about that on the Universal Studios New Years page. It only has the normal options for tickets. Also valet parking will not be available that night.

    If you have an annual pass the price is only $99.99 plus tax before Dec. 27th. So unless you can find more info about it, I would say what you heard was wrong.

  10. If i am in one of the parks would i stil be able to see the fireworks?

  11. Hi Steve. Depending on where you are in the park you might see a little bit of it but not much. The CityWalk fireworks are not all that much anyway to be honest.

    It’s just a small burst to bring in the new year, not a full fireworks show like you would see at Disney. Actually the show at the Lagoon inside the Universal Studios Orlando park might have a better display.

  12. Thanks, can you tell me if there is a limit on the number of people allowed into the Lagoon?

  13. Hi. The lagoon is the big water area in the center of the park at Universal Studios (not Islands of Adventure). So there is no limit, everyone just gathers around and watches the show, just like you would the Macy’s parade.

  14. Hi. Well Im a tourist and I will arrive tomorrow morninq at Orlando City, and I want to qo to the city walk party, new year eve but I have read that is just over 21 years, and Im goinq with my family,I have kids well teens 12,15, & 17 years so I want to know If Adeventure park & Universal Studios attraction are going open? If yes, I could go with my Husband to the City walk party and leave my daughters at the attraction games!

  15. Hi there Paola. Yes both Islands of adventure and Universal Studios Orlando parks will be open until 1:00 AM that night. So they can go to the parks while you and your hubby go to CityWalk. Have fun! :)

  16. We are coming in for the football game with my daughter who is 19. I assume she will not be allowed into the City walk New Yeras party which will mean that the three of us will have to make other plans?

  17. Well you have a couple of choices. If she does not mind doing something by herself she can check out the theme parks right there.

    Or she can take in a movie or two, the big movie theater is right there, it’s actually part of CityWalk but not part of the New Years bash.

    But no, she cannot be part of the CityWalk party as it’s for 21 and older, sorry.

  18. Thanks and understand, w’ll stay togather.

  19. I am so confused as to what to do New Year’s Eve. My husband and I are coming in December 31st in the morning and want to go to the parks to celebrate New Year’s Eve. If we buy tickets for Universal Studios then we have to buy tickets for the New Year’s Eve party on the CityWalk right? Should we just get the tickets for Universal Studios are what?

  20. No no, there are separate tickets for each park and the CityWalk New Years eve event. The CityWalk New Years party is a event that you have to buy a special ticket for just that event.

    Then if you want you can buy a ticket to Universal Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Orlando.

    Or you can buy a two park ticket, good for both parks. But the CityWalk New Years party is a totally separate event you have to buy a ticket for. :)

  21. in your personal opinion do you think the city walk new years even bash is worth the money? we got the tickets already but there arent many reviews on it. Also I just can see the food being at easy access with that many people do you wait in line and have to stand while eating? I saw you said previously they line the food up outside I just dont see how thats gonna work with so many people.

  22. Hi there Mel! Well, an event like this is a matter of personal taste. Myself, I can’t stand being packed in with lots of rowdy, drunk people stepping on my toes and elbowing me every 10 seconds. 😀

    So to me personally, no I would not go. However if your a young person who loves the bar scene, loves to dance and loves people than this will be a blast to you.

    Or if your going with a group that loves the CityWalk nightclubs it should be a fun time. So it really depends on what type of person you are if it’s worth it or not.

    There really will not be much of any fireworks, just a confetti blast and champagne toast, as there is no place to set off big fireworks. For real fireworks and a light show, you should go to Universal Studios Orlando park.

    There they will have a cool show in the lagoon that everyone can watch. As for the food, they normally use those rolling carts set up outside that look like vendor carts.

    People would line up for the food and try to find a table, bench or chair to sit and eat. But it’s mainly finger food that most will just walk around eating. Finding any place to sit anywhere, as you suspect, will be hard.

    They also will serve some finger food in each nightclub I assume. Drinks are not free, only the food they serve for the party. However the midnight champagne is free.

    So, if you don’t care for crowds or packed places, then I don’t recommend it for you. However if your a people person that loves the crowds and parties and the nightclubs, than you’ll have a good time. I myself will not be there however, sorry! 😉

  23. The 2011 celebration is restricted to the area above the stairs. It will be roped off and you will need tickets for the special food and Bret Michaels, but the area used by park goers that connects the parking area to the two parks is unrestricted. Everyone has access. I checked this out with customer relations as I have clients in from out of town and they wanted to check out City Walk for future tours.

  24. Hi there Michelle, thanks for adding that bit of information. Yes I should have added that. Anyone can walk into the general area to get the the two theme parks.

    Anyone also has access to the movie theater, can walk to the blue man group show and can check out the few games, shops, eateries and rides that are in the common area.

    That is the area that basically connects the two parks with CityWalk above it where all the nightclubs are. So you can walk into the part below CityWalk to access the parks or just hang out. Thanks again!

  25. If I have annual passes, do I have to buy a ticket for city walk and if I do, is there a discount?

  26. Hi there Megan. They had a special that expired on the 27th. Now, unless I’m missing something, even if you have an annual pass you have to pay full price for a regular ticket to the CityWalk new years party, which is $139.99 plus tax.

    The only special right now is if you use an American Express card. If you use that the price is $134.99 plus tax and also includes priority entrance to the event and a special pre-party at the Red Coconut Club at 7:00PM.

    If I’m wrong (who me?) someone please let me know! Have fun if you go. :)

  27. Can we buy tickets at the door? How much r they?

  28. Hi there Sam! Yes you can buy them right there, however there is a slight chance they might sell out. But right now yes, you can buy them at the park. Cost is $139.99 plus tax. Have fun! :)

  29. Hey: ) when Can we find out when 2011 consert arive and who is going o be playing? Which bands? !?! And when.

  30. Hey there yourself Shannon! It depends on what concerts your talking about. If you mean the 15 different concerts and bands playing at the Mardi Gras party this year, you can see them all in my article here:
    Mardi Gras concerts

    If your talking about the Universal Studios summer concert series, they start June 12th. Universal has not updated this years bands yet, so check back as I will make an article about it as soon as they know. :)

  31. Michelle says:

    Can you tell me what events you have planned for New Years Eve 2011-2012? Are any kid friendly?

  32. Hi Michelle. Universal Studios has not came out with their plans for this years New Years Eve party yet. The party at CityWalk is always for adults. But you can bring the kids into the two theme parks and see some shows and stuff for new years. :)

  33. can you tell me who will be playing at yr 2011-2012 universal party, im from the UK and thinking of spending Christmas and new year with your park.

  34. We will be in orlando for New Years Eve 2011. Entry into the Islands of Adventure and Univerisal Studios on New Years Eve is regular ticket cost? we arent interested in the citywalk party as we have young children.

  35. Hi there heidideidi, thanks for asking. Yes admission to both parks is the normal price, no extra. Only the special CityWalk party is extra. I will have a newer, updated article for the Universal Studios 2011-2012 New Years party soon. But again, it will be normal park price that day, no extra. :)

  36. Elizabeth Hellreich says:

    What would you recommend for a mum with her 20 and 16 year old daughers? too young for citywalk and too old for the kids stuff! We are from Toronto and are used to all ages events. The hotels look like they are offering middle aged adults stuff. We already booked our tickets. We are aware of the fireworks over the lagoon etc. but what about other good entertainment?Where do the other teens go? Help!! Liz

  37. Hello there Elizabeth Hellreich, thanks for asking. This is actually last year’s event, for the newest info on what’s going on at Universal Studios on New Years Eve check out this:
    2011-2012 new years party
    You will see that they will not be having any fireworks this year at all, even in the parks. As for what to do when you have teens, I assume you mean New Years eve night? Universal has some great high thrill rides to go on during the day, teens love those.

    So they could do that even late in the evening in both Universal parks. But if you really want to see fireworks and don’t want to do Disney, I suggest going to SeaWorld. They will have a great water and fireworks show plus a live DJ you can dance to.

    SeaWorld has a few roller coasters good for teens plus all the marine shows of course. So you could do that. There’s not a whole lot more options on New Years eve except for what goes on at each hotel, which have their own little parties. Hope you have fun whatever you do! :)


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