Universal Studios to expand Harry Potter land at theme parks

Universal Studios to expand Harry Potter land!

More news from Universal Studios folks! They have just announced their plans to expand Harry Potter land, otherwise known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Actually their contract demanded that they expand it at a later time when they began building it.

However the big buzz is if they will make another part of Harry Potter in the “old” park, Universal Orlando, and not just expand the current land at Islands of Adventure. It’s interesting to note that they just announced plans to close down the Jaws ride Jan 2nd.

It’s all just speculation at this time, and park officials are not saying anything at all as to what the new plans will be. However it makes sense to convert the Jaws ride space into another Harry Potter land.

They already announced that they would be making a new Wizarding World of Harry Potter land at their Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in California.

Now fans of Harry Potter, and myself included, would love to just have the current HP land expanded. It’s nice to enter that world and stay there without having to go back out, which hinders the experience.

However there are several reasons why I think they will make another HP land in the Universal Orlando park. For one, that park needs a really good revamping. It’s really starting to be the “old” park.

Two, by having another Harry Potter land in the other park, they get to charge guest for both parks. Hey, they are in biz to make money, and that sure would draw people into doing both parks.

Three, the back part of the Jaws ride and the back park of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter do kind of line up together. It may be they will turn the Jaws ride area into a new HP land and connect them with a Hogwart’s express train or something like that, which would be super cool! 😀

As for now we just have to wait and see when Universal Studios will say anything more about it. Details will be announced “over time,” said a Universal news release.

So what do you think? Where do you think they will make the new expansion? At the current Harry Potter land or at the other park? Or something totally different? Let us know what you think! :)