Universal’s Gradbash 2011, Gradbash at Universal Studios

Universal Studios Gradbash 2011

Each year Universal Studios holds Gradbash, a party for graduating seniors. This year there will be two different parties at two different times.

If you’re a high school senior, a teacher, or a high school administrator, make plans now to attend the 2011 version of Universal Studios’ GradBash. This year’s parties will be held on April 15 and 30, and on May 6 and 7.

This is the only two-park grad party in Orlando, as guests will have the chance to enjoy both Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.
What will be going on at this year’s GradBash?

Seniors can dance to the latest tunes, join in some karaoke, be amazed by break dancers, and see live performances by DJ Khaled, Pitbull, Jason Derulo, and B.o.B. Of course, all the usual fun and thrills of the park attractions will be available, too.

Actually, the fun starts before the party even begins! Teens can attend the pre-party at Universal Citywalk, where they’ll enjoy a buffet meal, live entertainment, and street performers. Also, they can rock out in CityWalk’s sizzling clubs at some awesome dance parties. These will be for students only.

To keep everyone safe and sound, Universal has a few rules. One is a dress code. Girls can’t wear shorts, dresses, or skirts shorter than mid-thigh, and sleeves on shirts and blouses have to be at least three inches wide.

Boys can’t wear muscle shirts or tank tops, and their pants or shorts have to be secured at the waist.

Also not allowed are backpacks, sports or team clothing or logos, torn clothing, hats, gang-related clothing, revealing clothing, or apparel that includes obscenities or anything related to drugs, alcohol, violence, tobacco, or sex.

Each school is responsible for enforcing the dress code of its attending students. But hey, this is a small price to pay for such a super grad night! So come out to Universal’s Gradbash 2011 and have a blast!