Valentines day gifts, gift baskets, ideas

leather roses for bikers

Soon it will be Valentines day, the day for romance, sweet kisses and red roses! Unless you forget of course, in which case it will be a night of cold stares and sleeping by the TV. 😉

So make sure you get your sweetie a Valentines day gift, like gift baskets or flowers. Some cool Valentines day ideas are getting a dozen leather roses like the ones above.

Leather roses last forever unlike just a few days for real ones. They will remind your better half how much you care a lot longer than after you dump the wilted real roses in the trash. Check them out by clicking on the picture above.

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Of course Valentines day gift baskets are very popular. You can find them for her, him, family and friends. There is a wide variety of Valentines day gift baskets to choose from so check them all out.

You can get gift baskets of chocolate, candy, stuffed toys, balloons, even fine wine! You can find small sized ones to very large Valentines day gift baskets that is sure to please your Valentines.

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Around the Orlando area you can find lots of Valentines day ideas and gifts. Spas always have great Valentines specials, Including the Walt Disney World spas.

There are many restaurants around Orlando that also have Valentines day specials and deals, so be sure to check them out. A day at the theme parks with your loved one can also be special.

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For the single ones like me, Valentines day can be a bit lonely or just another day. So if your single, I feel your pain! However if your a female around 25 to 45 feel free to shoot me an email! 😉 😀

Whatever you do, don’t stop at one of those vans parked beside the road selling a dozen roses for $5.00. They are cheap, die within a day and your sweetie deserves better! :)