Waist bags or fanny hip packs to carry stuff in for theme park rides

hip packs to carry your stuff in on theme park rides

One of the biggest problems people face when they go to a theme park is where to put their stuff when they go on a ride? Almost all rides at theme parks today do not allow you to hold or bring anything with you.

That includes purses, bottles and camera bags around your neck or shoulder. Anything that moves around will not be allowed on. It does not matter if you insist that you can hold onto it, ride operators have rules they have to follow. And one is, nobody brings anything on a ride!

Backpacks also are not permitted on most rides because you can’t get into the seat without taking it off. If you do have bulky items like these there are lockers you can get to put your items in while your on rides.

However those can be a pain, and cost money also. There is however ONE type of bag you can wear while going on any ride at any theme park. That is the waist bag, also known as a hip pack, fanny pack or waist pack.

They come in many different styles and colors but are all about the same. They are small and secure around your waist. You can wear them on the side of your hip or turned around to the front.

Because of their location, small size and do not move around you can wear them on all theme park rides. I know because fanny packs are what I use and I have been on every ride in Orlando!

Some people don’t like how they look on you, thinking they look silly or make you feel like your a classic tourist. Guys often think they make them look feminine and hate them. Well guess what?

Your on a vacation so WHO CARES what you look like? The fact is fanny packs or hip packs are very practical and will let you bring everything with you while on the rides. No need to use the lockers, no waiting for one, no need to ask a friend to hold your stuff.

The one I have is small yet it holds my camera, phone and even my small video camera! I keep my wallet in my back pocket but I could put it in there too if I wanted.

So I can go on any ride and not worry about what to do with my stuff. Don’t get one too big, or one that sticks out too far like a square camera bag. Otherwise they will ask you to take that off too.

Just get one that is a normal size fanny or hip pack with one to four compartments. All theme parks sell them, but they are not normally very sturdy. Mine is a camera pack made for wearing around your waist and thick to protect your camera.

Of course if you have a lot of stuff than you can’t fit it all in there. But many only have a camera, money and a phone, which are small enough to put in any fanny or hip pack.

So if you only have a few things and want to keep everything with you while on theme park rides, get a fanny pack, or hip pack, or waist bag; whatever they are called! You will be allowed to keep it on you with any theme park ride including the most extreme roller coasters. :)


  1. Well, it all depends on the mood of the people guarding the ride. Yesterday at IOA, I was asked to take off my “fanny pack” & put it in a locker even though earlier that morning I rode the SAME ride with it on.Had the girls been nicer about asking me to do this, I might have considered doing it, but they were so loud, rude & obnoxious, my family just chose to leave the park. We were just redoing rides anyway. Universal lost our dinner & drink money for the afternoon:) I wrote a complaint to Universal today. I will let you know what they have to say.

  2. Wow, thanks for letting me know what happened. I’ve never been asked to take off my waist bag myself. Maybe it was a new person who did not understand the rules. Anyway I’m sorry you had a bad day there.