Walt Disney World Golf Courses now Palmer Golf Courses

Disney turns golf courses over to Arnold Palmer group

Well everyone, looks like the next time you play some golf on one of Disney’s golf courses, they really are not Disney’s anymore. Seems as thought with many other golf courses around the area it’s not as profitable anymore for Disney.

At least not as profitable as they want to be for the time they put into them. So they are turning over the day to day operations over to the Arnold Palmer Group management company.

Yes that is the same famous Palmer golf player. It will be Disney’s 5 golf courses; the Palm, Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista, Osprey Ridge and Oak Trail golf courses.

It’s a 20 year deal with Arnold Palmer to take over the golf courses. Palmer lives in Bay Hill, not far from Disney, and is known as the best golf player ever in his time.

It seems like a great fit, Disney golf courses managed by one of the biggest names in golf. Palmer is going to personally oversee a redesign of the Palm golf course.

So they will still be Disney golf courses; it’s not like they are folding them up and moving them! But they will be run and managed by the Palmer group. That way Disney does not spend their own time and money on them.

Basically Disney World will be leasing the golf courses to Palmer. You should still expect the same great service and quality as always, maybe even a few improvements. :)