Walt Disney World making new fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

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Exciting news is going on at Walt Disney World here in Orlando! It seems as though Disney is finally making a new fantasyland at the magic kingdom. Where fantasyland is now, behind Cinderella’s castle, will be done over into a bigger and better fantasyland, complete with a new little mermaid ride. There also will be more interaction areas with Disney’s princesses and more.

They seem to be making it more about the Disney Princesses, like dancing with Cinderella, or playing a role with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. In fact a castle from that story will be made. Plus lots more from Tinkerbell to Dumbo, which will have that ride moved and upgraded. Mickey’s Toontown fair will be removed, with Mickey and Minnie getting new homes at the front of the park.

The picture above is the current plan, click it for a bigger view. Kids will walk through a fairy tale forest and much more to get to the attractions and new shops and restaurants, all based on the popular Disney Princesses. However it will all take time. The current time table for it to be done and open is,,, sometime in 2012!