Walt Disney World New Year’s Eve fireworks, events for 2011 / 2012

Walt Disney World New Years Eve fireworks and events for 2011/2012

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Walt Disney World has finally came out with their plans for this years New Year’s Eve fireworks, parades and events for 2011 to 2012. So the following is all the information I have of what’s going on at the theme parks and other Disney resorts on New Years Eve December 31st. :)

Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park
The Magic Kingdom is the most popular Disney theme park to spend New Years Eve. That means it’s the most crowded and it WILL reach capacity and close to anymore guest once that happens. When that will occur is hard to say but it may be as early as mid afternoon.

So my advice is, if you want to see the late night shows and fireworks in the Magic Kingdom for New Years Eve, plan on going in before noon and staying there until your done for the night. This is not a good day to be park hopping!

Most of the shows, parades and fireworks are the same as last year. The times may change a bit, so double check a day or two before going in for the schedule of events. With that in mind here’s the plan so far:

3:30 PM: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Parade
7:00 PM: Spectromagic show
8:30 PM: Holiday Wishes Fireworks
11:50 PM: Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks, then the New Year countdown to 2012.

The fireworks and nighttime parades are fantastic. Make sure you take lots of pictures and-or videos. The best place to see the fireworks are right in front of Cinderellas castle, as they come up behind it.

Oh, on a side note, the Magic Kingdom is the only Disney theme park that does NOT serve beer or alcohol of any kind. So if you must drink for New Years Eve, you may want to pick another park.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park
Hollywood Studios is the park I use to work at! Only back then it was called MGM Studios. Anyway this park has a great show called Fantasmic that uses lasers, fireworks, water, fire and music with your favorite Disney characters. There will be two shows that night.

Then after that will be the big New Years Eve fireworks show. This is a great show with fireworks going off with music. The best place to see this is at the front of the Great Movie ride set, toward the front of the park.

6:30 and 8:00 PM: Fantasmic laser, fireworks, fire and water show
11:55 PM: Lights, Camera, Happy New Year fireworks show!

Disney’s New Years Eve shows at Hollywood Studios normally don’t get full enough to close the park to new guest, but it will be pretty packed. So plan on staying the day there if your going to see the shows and fireworks there on December 31st.

Disney’s Epcot theme park
Epcot is another great Disney theme park to spend New Years Eve 2011/2012. You can sample the different beers from around the world, then settle in around the World Showcase Lagoon for the special New Years Eve shows.

7:00 and 11:40 PM: Special version of Illuminations, Reflections of Earth laser and fireworks show

Illuminations is a great laser, fireworks and special effects show that is played out over the water of the World Showcase Lagoon. It also has music with it and is a great show to see.

Disney’s Epcot is another theme park that may fill to capacity and close to other guest later in the day on New Years Eve. It will be full so give yourself plenty of time to get out once the final show is over.

Disney Animal Kingdom theme park
There will be no fireworks or nighttime shows at Animal Kingdom theme park. Because of the animals they do not want to disturb or scare them with loud noises.

3:45 PM: Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade

Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade is a light hearted, jungle themed parade with Santa Mickey and friends. Choose this park if you want less crowds and don’t really care for fireworks.

Walt Disney World hotel resorts
Many of the Walt Disney World resorts will also have special New Years Eve dinners, music and entertainment. For full details about what resorts will have and when, call 407-WDW-DINE (939-3463).

Disney’s Boardwalk entertainment area
Walt Disney World’s Boardwalk entertainment district is a fun place filled with several sport bars, restaurants, kids play areas and dance halls. Besides a New Years Eve theme to it they will have a New Years Eve party at Atlantic dance hall.

Guest must be 21 or over and will be from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Video DJ Tony Zapulla will be there and includes party favors and a midnight champagne toast to ring in 2012!

Downtown Disney’s Westside and Marketplace
There will not be any fireworks at Disney’s Downtown marketplace or West side. All the normal shops and restaurants will be open late. However Cirque du Soleil will have a special New Years Eve finale with their show, “La Nouba”.

So that wraps up what’s going on at Walt Disney World’s New Year’s Eve fireworks, shows and events for 2011 / 2012. Basically it will be crowded everywhere you go with lots of traffic too.

If it was me, I’d pick one place that seems to have what you like the most and stay there all day and night! It will not be a good day to park hop or see lots of different places, especially during the evening.

Give yourself lots of extra time to get where your going and expect very long lines at rides, or anything for that matter. Just relax and go with the flow; have a great New Years Eve at Disney for 2011-2012! 😀


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