Walt Disney World raises ticket prices again

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Well it happens every year, so I guess it’s not a surprise to anyone. Walt Disney World has just announced that they are again raising their ticket prices. The new prices went into effect August 5th.

Disney now has the price of a one-day, one-park adult ticket to $82.00. They also raised the prices of their popular multiday-ticket packages and park hopper ticket deals.

Even the price of an annual pass will cost more. Normally it’s no surprise for Disney to raise their ticket prices each year. However with the economy so bad and people all over hurting it does seem a bit odd to be raising prices this year.

There will be a lot more complaining this year about the ticket increases and how it’s getting to be not worth it to go to Disney. Of course that is up to each person to decide for themselves.

There has been no word from Sea World or Universal Studios if they are also going to increase their ticket prices this year. However they always do once Disney has raised theirs.

Here’s some of the base price ticket increases at Disney:

1-day: $79 to $82
2-day: $156 to $162
3-day: $219 to $224
4-day: $225 to $232
5-day: $228 to $237
6-day: $231 to $242
7-day: $234 to $247

You can find all the other prices at the Disney website, or click on the ticket image above to buy your discount Walt Disney World tickets online. So have fun at Disney, just expect to pay a little more!