Walt Disney World Space Mountain ride review

Disney space mountain at the Magic Kingdom!

Space Mountain is one of the most well known attractions located in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. This popular ride is a not a typical roller coaster, as it features spatial-effects lighting, windows that appear to look out into the universe and thrills from beginning to end.

The space mountain ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom had a total refurbishing not too long ago. The improvements make it even more fun to ride.

One great improvement is that there are two tracks side by side, and you blast off at the same time on identical configured tracks in the dark.

This great roller coaster is a must see for anyone who goes to Disney World. The theming is perfect, featuring an amazing soundtrack, continuous dips and turns, whirling planets and devious twists.

Space Mountain has six-passenger trains taking guests in a memorable journey. The vehicles feature two cars connected together, 3 riders per car. The whole ride takes place inside in the dark, which makes everything even more exciting.

Although there are no high-speed curves or gravitational whiz bangs, Disney’s Space Mountain takes passengers in a cosmic voyage that they will never forget.

Because it’s inside in the dark you feel like your going much faster than you actually are. The highest peak is 180 feet, not that high for a roller coaster. The actual top speed is 28 miles per hour but feels much faster in the dark.

The lights increase your adrenaline and make your heart beat louder. There aren’t any rough parts, just nice turns. The roller coaster is located inside an iconic outer dome featuring a 300-foot diameter.

Launched in 1977, Space Mountain still is one of the hottest attractions at Walt Disney World. Riders have the opportunity to enter in a space station-like area featuring projections on the underside of the galaxies and stars.

Outside the ride, you will occasionally hear an evil laugh. You will also be able to hear the yelling of other passengers, which can be very exciting.

Riders usually have the feeling of walking through space. Even if you aren’t passionate about roller coasters, you will feel the Disney magic when taking this ride. Make sure you ride Disney’s space mountain at the Magic Kingdom when you visit!

Walt Disney World Space Mountain Ride
Park: Magic Kingdom
Space Mountain ride height requirements: 44 inches (112cm) or taller