Walt Disney World Thanksgiving Day events, Thanksgiving dinner restaurants 2011

Walt Disney World Thanksgiving day events and places for Thanksgiving dinners 2011

Once again it’s almost Thanksgiving day! Many people ask what is going on at Walt Disney World during Thanksgiving day, November 24th. To be honest there really is nothing special that takes place at Disney on that day.

Contrary to what some have heard there is NO special Thanksgiving day parade at any of the Disney theme parks. There may be one over at Disneyland in California, but not here in Orlando.

Of course Thanksgiving day does fall right in the middle of the Holiday season. In the past Disney would put up all the Christmas decorations the night after Thanksgiving day, or the weekend following it.

But the past few years Disney has had the Christmas lights and decorations up before Thanksgiving. So what you can look forward to is seeing all the holiday lights and displays set up.

You also can see the special holiday fireworks and holiday parades, but there is NO single special parade for Thanksgiving day. There also are several special holiday events going on during Thanksgiving day weekend.

Like the popular Mickey’s very merry Christmas party, which is a special event in the Magic Kingdom. Or the Disney’s Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights show, at Hollywood Studios.

So Thanksgiving day weekend is a wonderful time to be at Disney, but be warned it also is one of the most crowded times of the year. One thing that you will find only on Thanksgiving day is special traditional Thanksgiving lunches and dinners at many Disney restaurants.

At every Disney theme park there will be at least one eatery or restaurant that will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving day meal for lunch or dinner, or both.

Disney’s Epcot theme park will have the most restaurants serving up a hot Thanksgiving day lunch and dinner, but the others will have one to several restaurants serving it also.

Almost all of the Disney resorts will also have at least one restaurant serving a delicious Thanksgiving day meal, complete with turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry, pumpkin pie and many other dishes associated with Thanksgiving day.

So if your going to Disney on Thanksgiving day and/or weekend, enjoy the holiday lights and decorations, the special fireworks and shows, and the wonderful traditional Thanksgiving day meals. But don’t ask about the Thanksgiving day parade! :)