Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride at The Magic Kingdom review

Disney's Haunted Mansion ride review

It’s time for another one of my theme park ride reviews! Today I’ll give a quick review of an old classic, Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride in the Magic Kingdom theme park.

Located at Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, this is a definite must-see for all ages. Actually, this is more than a “must see” – it’s more of a “must experience.”

Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride takes place in a large colonial manor, complete with wall sconces, cobwebs, caskets, eerie background music, screams, statues, moans, and plenty of creaks. There are also “cold spots,” so several of your senses are bombarded by the ghostly experience.

The attraction begins as you approach the old mansion, passing by an antique horse-drawn hearse and a graveyard complete with a spiked iron fence and an animated headstone. Somewhere in the distance, you hear the howls of a wolf.

Or is it a werewolf? Once you pass through the foyer, you enter a small room and hear the voice of your host, who’s a ghost. You soon discover that the room has no doors and no windows, so you’re trapped! The lights go out, and the room opens up, allowing you to exit.

Next, you board the “ride” part of the attraction – a Doom Buggy, which takes you on a tour of the creepy mansion. You see Madame Leota, a medium, as she instructs the spirits to appear. And appear they do – all 999 of them!

Inside Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride you’ll encounter singing busts, skeletons, dancing specters, floating orbs, wraiths, and other types of the dear deceased. The attraction is definitely spooky, but none of the supernatural beings are threatening or menacing.

In fact, they’re pretty friendly, and three of them even try to go home with you! This is a wonderful attraction for all ages, so there’s no minimum height requirement.

If your little one has a big fear of ghost and things that go bump in the night, you might want to skip this ride. But it’s pretty tame and is built for both little and older kids.

Disney recently refurbished this ride, adding more things to see and experience as you wait in line. There are a few new things during the ride itself also, but the basic layout is the same.

So make sure you check out Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride at the Magic Kingdom theme park the next time you go. Checking it out at night is even better! :)