Wet N Wild’s new family water park, Blast-Away Beach!

New water park in Orlando, Blastaway beach!

Just in time for summer, Wet N Wild water park on International Drive in Orlando is opening up a whole new family friendly section in June 2012! Called Blastaway Beach it will be an acre in size!

Wet N Wild is Orlando’s most popular water park located very close to Universal Studios, which actually owns the park. It’s right on the busy tourist strip of International Drive.

It features fantastic water rides, slides, tubes and other water thrill rides. It had a section for little kids, but that area was shut down a while ago.

Well now in it’s place is the all new Blastaway Beach, which will be located toward the front of the park. Built for younger kids instead of teens it will have it’s own private entrance and exit.

Blastaway beach is about an acre in size and features a giant sandcastle-like structure as the centerpiece of the attraction that is 60 feet high. Here’s a list of what you can expect here.

* 17 water slides
* Two upper and lower area pools
* Over 160 water soakers, jets, water falls and water cannons
* Over 85,000 gallons of water
* Dedicated seating areas
* Family safe

This area was designed for families with smaller kids that don’t want to mix with the older teens that tend to be more wilder and aggressive in the main water park area.

So you can relax more and not worry about your little ones getting roughed up in the water by older kids that are not paying attention. Sounds like the perfect way to let your little kids enjoy a water park while being safe.

It’s one of the biggest little kid water parks around too, so there will be plenty to keep them busy. It will be open sometime in June 2012. So if you have little ones check out BlastAway Beach at Wet N Wild this summer!

Where: Wet N Wild on International Drive, Orlando
BlastAway Beach