What does butterbeer taste like at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park?

Butterbeer cart at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

One of the most often asked questions about the new Harry Potter theme park is, what does butterbeer taste like? How is butterbeer made, and what is the recipe for butterbeer?

As every Harry Potter fan knows, butterbeer is the drink that Harry Potter and friends often drank when they went to Hogsmeade village. They never really said if it’s alcoholic or not, but since it’s called butterBEER, I always assumed it was.

When Universal Studios started planning the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter park, they knew they wanted to have butterbeer for their guest. After all what Potter fan could pass up a drink right from the Harry Potter movies!

They also could not find it anywhere else. One problem however; butterbeer does not really exist! So, they gathered up a crew of chef’s headed by Steven Jayson to make the drink.

After lots of trail and error they gathered up their ingredients and flew to the UK, where they had J. K. Rowling try it. Luckily they had made it just right and she was happy with it.

There are two places you can buy butterbeer inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. One is an outside cart that looks like a big barrel of butterbeer that sits right in the middle of Hogsmeade village.

The other place is Hogs Head Pub, which is attached to The Three Broomsticks restaurant. Butterbeer is non alcoholic and contains no dairy products, for those who can’t consume it.

You can buy it for $4.00 per plastic cup, or $10.00 for a hard plastic souvenir stein mug. You also can buy butterbeer frozen or non frozen. In the hot Florida sun a frozen mug of butterbeer is fantastic!

So just what the heck does butterbeer taste like anyway? Well, I tried some and to me it like a cross between cream soda and a slight aftertaste of butterscotch, yum! Some describe it as a mix of shortbread and butterscotch.

It’s very sweet and has a thick head of foam on the top. You can see lots of butterbeer mustaches around hogsmeade village! As for what the recipe is for butterbeer, they are not saying and I don’t expect them to give away the secret anytime soon.

I hope they start to serve it in several more places around the Harry Potter park, as there were long lines for it all the time. So make sure you sample some frozen or regular butterbeer when you go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, and then you’ll know what does butterbeer taste like. 😉


  1. DeamoGirl says:

    Actually, they did say that butterbeer was alcoholic in the books. Winky the house elf got drunk on it after she was forced to work at Hogwarts. One of them (I think Ron) had said, “It’s not very strong, though, is it?” and Dobby replied with something like, “House elves are very small.” So it is alcoholic, but just barely.

  2. My mom, niece an I all went to Harry Potter Park, an let me just say this, ButterBeer IS SO GOOOD! We spent alot of money on just butterbeer. It was out out an ButterBeer was so good an fresh. IF you do got, you have got to try it

  3. HPFANATIC says:

    I am going to the WWofHP in April next year and all of the reviews are getting me pumped!! And This ad really helps! I CANT WAIT TO TRY THE ADDICTING FLAVORING OF BUTTERBEER!

  4. excellent drink especially if you like shandy or cream soda, imagine ice cold shandy with a creamy butterscotch topping thats exactly the taste, several of us tried it in harry potter world this year and we all thought it was great kids and adults alike, simply a must try.

  5. Actually it’s Harry that says, “It’s not strong, that stuff.” Dobby replies, “Tis strong for a house-elf, sir.” The book never actually said that it’s alcoholic, just strong for house-elves. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s alcoholic.

  6. it taste like flumps and i am serious, because i have tried it ^_^

  7. this is a real treat especially since youre trying something straight out of the legendary movie :)

  8. Hplover731 says:

    I havnt yet tried butter beer but i always thout it would tast like that warm movie theater popcorn with extra butter


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