What is Orlando Inside all about?

If your here, you must have been looking for something about Orlando, Fl. Maybe you were looking for information on Walt Disney, or Universal Studios. Maybe it was the Orlando airport, or shopping in Orlando. So just what is this site all about? Well let me tell you who I am! My name is Bill, and I have lived in Orlando for over 17 years.

I worked for Walt Disney World for 2 years, and Universal Studios for 1 year. I have lots of friends who work at Sea World also. I worked at the Orlando International airport for 3 years, and was a courier driving throughout Orlando for 5 years. So, I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about Orlando! Through out all those jobs I always saw tourist making bad decisions and choices.

Now, I work from home making websites like this one. I decided to make this site to share all the inside secrets I know from my years of working and playing in Orlando’s theme parks, airport and the many hotels, rental shops, dining areas, resorts and shopping places. I want to help tourist who come here so they get the most out of their vacation and not the vacation from hell!

So this site is all about Orlando; how to get around it, how to get the best deal for your money, the best hotels to stay at, what to do and what NOT to do. An Orlando vacation guide that helps you make your Orlando vacation the best one ever. Best of all, all this information here is free for you to use! So browse around and get tips and tricks for your Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or other type of Orlando vacation.