William kidd Ceramics, local Orlando ceramics artist

William Kidd Ceramics

One of the artist I talked to at this years Disney Festival of the Masters was William Kidd. He makes beautiful and interesting ceramic works of art. So I wanted to showcase his work a bit here.

Finding quality art work can be a challenging task, because there are only a few artists who dedicate their life to create exquisite pieces. William Kidd is a renowned ceramic artists providing wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramic bowls and sculptures.

With over 25 years of experience, William Kidd participates in many shows and exhibitions over the years and has received various awards for his amazing works of art.

William Kidd Ceramics

The unique pieces created by William Kidd are inspired by natural organisms such as seeds, spores and sea life. They feature multiple stains and glazes, distinctive shapes, vibrant colors, and hand-built earthenware forms.

The Three Gourds are characterized by thrown and altered forms with pulled stems, while the Flower Pod arrangement features thrown and hand built flower pods inside a pedestal bowl.

William Kidd creates original works of art using simple wire loop tools, commercial under glazes, and raw materials. Some pieces begin on the wheel and have sculptural shapes and symmetrical forms.

Others create the illusion of being possibly formed by nature. All of these pieces are produced in the artist’s studio. Ceramic works are an excellent addition to your personal space. They also make fantastic gifts for the people you care about.

If you’re looking for a truly unique gift, then you should check out the exquisite pieces created by William Kidd. These items will add style and elegance to your home, being specifically designed for those who appreciate art and know its true values. Art lasts forever and doesn’t lose its value over time.

William Kidd Ceramics

To see much more of his work and contact him, check out his website at William Kidd Ceramics. You can see a great gallery of his work and find out more about him.

Thanks for talking to me at the show and letting me take these pictures of your work Mr. Kidd. Hope to see you again next year at the Disney’s Festival of the Masters! :)