Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion news

Harry Potter

So by now most all Harry Potter fans knows about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion at Universal Studios. But not many know much details about it, since they are not saying much. Here’s what I can tell you as of now.

The new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion will be in the “other” park, in the space that the “Jaws” ride was. It will be connected to the current Harry Potter land in Islands of Adventure via a Hogwarts Express train ride.

How detailed the train will be, if it even is a train, is not known. From what I have heard it will be a ride itself, where “things will happen”. It will transport guest from one park to the other for sure.

The big main ride will be the Gringotts bank ride. But what exactly will it do? Will it be a real roller coaster, or a ride like the current Spiderman ride, that goes all over with 3D effects?

Nobody knows, but my prediction is that it will be another new, cutting edge ride that combines a roller coaster with 3D screens and some cars like in Spiderman. It will be indoors, at least most of it if not all.

One question many have is, will you need to buy tickets to both parks if you take the Hogwarts Express train from one Harry Potter land to the other, which are in both parks?

There is no word yet on how that will work or if you will have to. I think they are still figuring that out myself and are still planning the best way to do it. I’m sure whatever way makes them the most money!

There should be great details to London and Diagon Alley. I’m sure it will be a real treat to step into the park and see all the shops and buildings from the movies.

I do hope they learned a lesson from the first Harry Potter land and make the shops bigger! Standing in line just to buy merchandise or walk through a shop is crazy. :(