Zonko’s joke shop products, Harry Potter toys and jokes at Universal Studios

Harry Potter toys at Zonko's

Once again it’s time for another in depth look at one of the shops inside the new Universal Harry Potter theme park! This time it’s Zonko’s joke shop, filled with Harry Potter toys, jokes, games and very strange novelty items.

You also can see a picture gallery of it at the end of this article. Zonko’s joke shop Universal is located in the front left side of the main entrance to the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.

In fact it’s the first shop to your left you can get into as you enter Hogsmeade village. Zonko’s is connected to HoneyDukes sweets shop, you can move freely between the two inside.

Zonko’s joke shop is colorful, painted a deep red or burgundy color with gold trim. Adding lots of other colors to it is the bizarre Harry Potter toys, jokes and novelty items you can find there.

So just what kind of Zonko’s joke shop products can you find there? Well the ceilings have hanging dragon shaped kites called fanged flyers, complete with fake fireworks attached to them, just like in the Harry Potter movies.

You can also find extendable ears, sneakoscopes, boxing telescopes, chattering teeth, screaming yo-yos, strange fluffy pets and more. Plus an assortment of Zonko’s joke shop products like mugs, t-shirts, posters and so on.

The walls are packed all the way to the ceiling with all the cool Harry Potter toys and merchandise. I did not count them but I bet there are over 100 Zonko’s joke shop products inside.

There is even more Harry Potter candy here, even though you find plenty right over at HoneyDukes. But most of the items inside Zonko’s is strange, funny and novelty types of merchandise.

Zonko’s joke shop products are reasonably priced, with balls and smaller light up items going for 5 to 8 bucks. T shirts with Harry Potter logos are around 21 bucks. You can buy a pink pygmy puff for 14 bucks.

There is not much room inside Zonko’s joke shop Universal, so it can get crowded fast. Right now the crowds are light and will be until the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

So if you get to go to the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios, check out all the Zonko’s joke shop products, Harry Potter toys and novelty items inside. They make cool gifts for Harry Potter fans, and you can only find them here!

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