My Review of the Orlando Eye Attraction in Orlando

ferris wheel orlando eyeToday, I would like to share with you my review of the Orlando eye attraction that I went to a couple of weeks ago. A huge 400 foot tall observation wheel lifted us off the ground effortlessly, in spacious air conditioned capsules, each holding at least 12 people if not more.

Initially I  was concerned about getting on because the wheel never stops moving. But because it moves so slowly we had ample time to board. Even wheel chair assists have plenty of time. Only one chair per capsule though. The wheel only goes around once, however it takes about twenty minutes or longer to make a full turn, allowing you plenty of time to view the entire city!

We were able to see breathtaking views of Orlando’s landscaping, lush countryside and even parts of our fabulous theme parks. The first thing we did was see a preflight 4D cinema experience. I had not expected this and was delighted. The whole experience was conveniently timed and took no longer than 45 minutes.

This was a great show starter for our fun filled evening on the town. Some visitors were perfectly content to turn the Orlando eye into a luxurious evening under the stars. You can picnic on the grounds, tour Madam Tussauds wax museum and visit a sea aquarium. These are all located  in the complex. So check out the link below and visit the Orlando Eye’s website today!

The Orlando Eye Observation Wheel
Orlando Eye


My latest Vermont vacation pictures!

Vermont vacation pictures

A few days ago I got back from a week vacation to my home state of Vermont. It rained every day, so basically it was a normal week in Vermont. 😀 It was nice to get some cooler weather however and I had a good time.

Most of my visit was just visiting family and friends, doing things for my mom and so on. I did get up to the mountains once and did a little driving around to see my old places I use to visit.

I rented a car this time which was nice but cost more. I also took a different airline; as of now Allegiant Air is the only airline that offers non-stop flights from central Florida to Burlington, Vermont.
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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2014 Picture Gallery

Bike week

Well it’s a bit late, but I thought you all would like to see my pictures I took of this years Daytona Beach Bike Week 2014! It was fun, I went two days. Most of the pics below are custom bikes they show off at the speedway.

I like going there as you can see all the cool custom bikes and lots of good vendors with loads of stuff to check out. Plus you can test drive a lot of different motorcycles.

But I also went down to the beach and Main street and got some good pictures there too. I’m using a different picture gallery as my other one had problems. So enjoy this Daytona Beach Bike week picture gallery! :)

Click on the first thumbnail and it will show it full size. Click to the right to go to the next one or just click the image itself. Click on the little X way at the top left corner of your screen to exit the gallery.

Miami-The Soul of Florida


One of the exciting places to visit in Florida is Miami. Miami is the soul of Florida and has a number of interesting activities for those who choose to visit. From the adjoining art deco hotels in Miami Beach to those that are in Coconut Grove.

• You will learn what some of the hot spots and things to see in Miami and why you should visit.
• You learn about natural areas as well as festivals that take advantage of when you visit the area.

There are some of the opportunities you can take advantage of when you choose to visit the tropical paradise that is Miami. Miami has great weather and tropical weather that feeds the beat of the city all year long. Miami has a bit of everything for the individual and those who plan a short visit will be glad they took the time to visit. Some of the various activities that individuals can enjoy in Miami would include some of the locations in and close to the city. The types of things that encompass this city are some of the things that visitors will go back to Miami time and time again.
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ICE At Gaylord Palms 2013

ICE show

It will soon once again be time for the ICE show, located in the giant Gaylord Palms resort in Kissimmee. For those who don’t know, each year Gaylord palms trucks in hundreds of tons of ice around the holidays.

The award-winning ICE! attraction is carved by a team of 40 artisans from Harbin, China. The talented artisans spend more than a month in Kissimmee/Orlando creating this one-of-a-kind attraction.

Harbin is best known for its annual International Ice and Snow Festival, where more than 2,000 sculptors annually carve a 100-acre walk-through ice park, using ice from the nearby Songhua River.
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Hot air balloon show picture gallery of my vacation

Hot air balloon show

About a month ago I took a trip up to Vermont, something I do twice a year. It’s where I’m from so I go up to see Mom, family and friends. This time I lucked out and got there just as Stowe, Vermont was having a hot air balloon festival.

I had never been to one but always wanted to see one. So I took the opportunity to go to this one. They had 25 balloons so it was a good show. You could stand right next to them as they blew up the balloons and took off.

I would have rode on one but it cost $275.00, a bit more than I wanted to spend for a 30 minute ride. Anyways it was really cool to see them take off and I took a lot of pictures.

I also went hiking and took a gondola car up a mountain. I took pictures of all that too and made a big picture gallery for you to enjoy. Because who doesn’t love watching people’s vacation pictures! 😀

Really though, you’ll enjoy these if you like hot air balloons and outdoorsy shots. So start the slide show below and check it out. :)

To use this picture gallery, click on the first picture and the picture show will start. Click the arrow in the right bottom corner to go to the next picture. Click inside the picture at any time to exit the picture gallery. Hope you enjoy these pictures from my vacation!

Adult Fun in Orlando

Great Food, Overflowing Drinks and Live Poker

Orlando has been heralded for its plethora of theme parks, these include the famous Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. All of the aforementioned theme parks attract many families during summer and spring break because they offer attractions that are suited for all ages. However, most bachelors and single ladies choose to go to Las Vegas or New York to find their kind of fun.

So what is it that they are looking for? If you think that Orlando is all about riding the roller coaster or playing at the shooting arcade, then you haven’t explored this city enough. There are also places in Orlando that offer attractions for the adults like live poker and other exciting games such as billiards and darts.
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Skip the Line: The Seven Best Theme Park Attractions That Aren’t Rides

Latest news on Harry Potter park

There are more to theme parks than rides and rollercoasters. Theme parks want you to have the time of your life, and that means providing way more to do than just rides. There are shows and exhibits of all types: dancing, parades, musicals, parties, circuses, and more on offer at theme parks today. Whether your next trip is taking you to Orlando or L.A., you can skip the lines and check out these awesome attractions that aren’t rides.

• Kilmanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: This safari takes visitors through a tour of the African savanna in an open-air vehicle. Here, Disney guests can see real animals in their natural habitats as they wind through the lush natural preserve. It’s important to stay in the vehicle because in the Kilmanjaro Safari, over 34 species of African wildlife roam free! This attraction gives guests the unique opportunity to encounter animals like antelopes, elephants, lions, and okapis.
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Happy 4th of July in Orlando, Florida!

4th of July in Orlando

Happy 4th of July everyone! It’s time to celebrate independence day with BBQ’s, outdoor fun and of course great fireworks. Here in Orlando we have lots of local firework displays to choose from.

Plus you can see unique displays at the local theme parks. Some of the most well known local fireworks are the Cranes Roost Park “Red, Hot and Boom” show at Altamonte Springs. This show was last night, the 3rd.

At downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park there will be a big party and fireworks show tonight. Activities start at 4 PM and go on until 10 PM. Fireworks start at 9:10 PM.
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Florida summer sun equals sunburns!

Florida summer sunburns

Now that it’s summertime in Orlando Florida people are flocking to the beaches and spending more time outside. One thing most forget about is just how hot and intense the Florida sun is.

Since most are tourist from other places and countries they often have no idea that it’s easier to get a sunburn in Florida during the summer than where they are from. It can only take 10 minutes in the sun to get a nice red glow!

Florida has a more direct and closer distance to the sun than other places, thanks to being closer to the equator. Summer also puts it closer to the sun, plus most days are very sunny and cloud free.
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New theme park attractions and rides for summer 2013

seaworld rides

Well everyone, it’s now the start of the summer season here in Orlando. That means lots of people packing the theme parks to wait several hours in line for a two minute ride. 😀

But at least this year you have new rides and attractions to see and enjoy in the hot Florida sun. All 3 major theme parks; Disney, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, have added or are adding new attractions for the summer.

Disney has most of the new Fantasyland open at the Magic Kingdom. In this area you can enjoy a new little mermaid ride geared toward little kids. There is a new Beauty and the Beast castle which looks pretty cool and sits on top of the new “Be Our Guest” restaurant.
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Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial day weekend

Happy Memorial day weekend everyone! For many this is the start of summer. It’s already getting pretty hot here in Florida, I think we are in for a very hot summer this year.

This also is the start of our famous afternoon thunderstorms, so be careful while driving in the afternoon as chances are you’ll get surprised by a quick downpour. When that happens remember to turn your lights on, slow down and watch for other drivers who may stop still if the rain gets too hard.

I will be going with some friends to Playalinda beach this weekend, over by Cape Canaveral. Nope, not the clothing optional part of the beach, which is way down at the end of the beachline. Maybe someday. 😀

If your driving somewhere this weekend please be careful and give yourself plenty of time as the roads will be packed. Don’t drink and drive and watch out for others on the road, including motorcycles.

The theme parks will be full too, maybe even reach capacity with some of them, like the Magic Kingdom. So be prepared for lots of people if you hit the parks.

So I wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend and hope you all have a good time and be safe. Just relax, don’t plan too much into each day, and be sure to protect yourself from the sun! :)