Crystal Arts shop at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park

Disney's crystal arts shop

There are many great shops you can find inside Disney’s magic kingdom theme park. As someone who goes there a lot I’m a bit jaded about all the stuff. Most is overpriced plastic “stuff”.

However one shop I highly recommend checking out the next time your at the magic kingdom is the crystal arts shop right at the front of the park on main street USA. It’s on your right as you walk toward the castle.

Inside here you can see the most beautiful cut crystal figurines, blown glass art, spun glass figures and lots more. They have a glass works artist that makes spun glass art as you watch.

In the back of the shop is another glass artist who uses very hot furnaces to make lovely colored vases, art and other glass objects. You can see him spin colored glass pieces into a glowing orb of hot glass that is then made into fantastic works of art.

You can find all your favorite Disney characters in cut glass, crystal and blown glass figurines. Check out the beautiful Cinderella’s carriage made of spun glass beads and glass horses.

You also can find many different animals and sea life made into glass art. They are really something to see. Check out the crystal arts picture gallery below for a sample of the art you can find there.

If you go make sure you take a peek at the huge, intricate Cinderella’s castle inside the glass case there. Yes you see the price correctly, it can be all yours for only $37,500! Ask if they will throw in free shipping! 😀

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