Disney’s Animal Kingdom picture gallery

Disney's animal kingdom

After more than 5 or so years I finally got around to going back to Disney’s Animal Kingdom the other day. Fall is a great time to go now that the crowds are gone and it’s a bit cooler out.

I had forgot just how big the park is, it really is a big park. Much of it was exactly the same as it was years ago when I last went. But one big new attraction was the Expedition Everest roller coaster.

I got into the single rider line and hopped right on, but even the normal line was only 10 minutes long. In the summer it’s often one to two hours wait time. They did a great job making it look like a real mountain.

The ride itself was great, longer than I expected with some good curves and plunges. It even goes backward which was cool. Anyways if you like roller coasters you’ll love this one so make sure you go if your there.

I took a lot of pictures, over 300 in fact. So I will make more picture galleries over the next few weeks. The ones below are mostly of the animals you can see in the Maharajah jungle trek.

It’s a walking trail where you go at your own pace and get to see tigers, gorillas, lots of birds and many other animals. Plus lots of pretty plants and waterfalls.

So check out my Disney’s Animal Kingdom picture gallery below and enjoy. I’ll post some more soon. If you like wildlife make sure you go to this Disney park soon! :)

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