Disney’s Epcot Flower And Garden Festival 2014 Picture Gallery

Disney's Epcot flower and garden festival 2014

It’s been some time since I posted in here, sorry about that. Been very busy with new ventures and life in general. Nothing stays the same you know! As a result I have not updated this site for a bit.

But today I went to Disney’s Epcot flower and garden festival for 2014. I must say it was very pretty there with lots of fantastic flower and garden showcases and exhibits. It was a perfect day, not too many people, even got a sunburn!

I took a ton of pictures, it got hard to decide just what to keep and throw away. They had a lot of very cool Topiaries shaped like Disney characters. That is the practice of making plants and flowers form the shape of a person or animal.

So anyways I put a great picture gallery together you can see below. I’m using the WordPress default image gallery so I hope it works better. I hope you enjoy this Disney’s Epcot flower and garden festival 2014 picture gallery! :)

Click the first thumbnail and it will open a slide show gallery. Click to the right or the image itself to move to the next one. Click the little X in the far top left screen to exit.