Epcot Food And Wine Festival Picture Gallery

Disney Epcot festival

I just got back from this years Disney’s Epcot food and wine festival. I went today with the main purpose of sampling many of the “round the world” foods you can eat at all the country “marketplaces” they have out.

Those are the little food booths they have out during the festival. What your suppose to be able to do is sample each countries popular, or classic dishes that are known for each country.

Sounds like a great idea! However I must say I was very disappointed. Because they have to deal with masses of people, they basically pick whatever kind of food that will hold up well being mass produced and sitting in a heating table outside all day.

So many of the foods they have don’t really represent their country that well, nor is it the greatest tasting. For example, I tried my first dish, which was Scotland. Their main dish at the booth was salmon with mashed potatoes, plus a bottle of Minute-maid lemonade I picked out!?

How that is suppose to represent Scotland I have no idea. It was a ping pong ball sized of fish with an equal sized or smaller ball of mashed potatoes served in a cardboard tray. You know, the same type of cardboard tray SeaWorld gives you filled with sardines to feed the dolphins. 😀

It was not very tasty but since it was only 3 bites I scarfed it down. I then proceeded to look very closely at all the other booths. Every one was basically the same. All serving some type of food that can stand up to being mass produced and shoved on a tray.

All served their food in the same tiny cardboard tray, just a bite or two. Needless to say I did not buy anymore food from the booths. If you really want to enjoy a classic good meal from each country, go into the permanent restaurants each country has there.

I ended up having lunch at the All American Liberty Inn restaurant, plain old cheeseburger and fries! So I don’t think of the Epcot food and wine festival the same as I use to.

I did however take lots of pictures. So please enjoy the many photos I have below. Epcot is always a very colorful park, very pretty. And if you go there hungry, I recommend you try the food in one of the main restaurants. 😉

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