Harry Potter merchandise shops at Harry Potter theme park

Harry Potter merchandise shops

Many Harry Potter fans have been asking me just what kinds of Harry Potter merchandise shops are in the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios.

With now over 1,000 licensed new Harry Potter merchandise items to choose from, all exclusive to the Harry Potter theme park, there is a lot to find. You can only buy them here, nowhere else. All the other items you see in toy stores and so on are replicas, not officially licensed items.

There are basically five different shops inside the Harry Potter land where you can purchase Harry Potter merchandise. All but one are located in the Hogsmeade village. The other one is located inside the Hogswart’s castle. Here’s the list:

Dervish and Banges

Located toward the back end of Hogsmeade village, Dervish and Banges carries Harry Potter merchandise like The Monster Book of Monsters, Quidditch apparel, T shirts and more. You also can buy magical items like Spectrespecs and Omnioculars!

A popular item here is Harry Potter flying brooms including the Nimbus 2001 and the Firebolt brand. You can find other items too like Harry Potter stationery and collectibles.


The most popular Harry Potter merchandise shop, Ollivanders magic wand shop carries Harry Potter magic wands and also character wands in single and collectible sets. Get a personal wand that is one of a kind, or buy a replica character wand just like Dumbeldore’s or Harry Potters.

Ollivanders is located also toward the back of Hogsmeade village. Because there is a long line to get in they made an outside cart that sells the most popular Harry Potter wands too. You can try out a wand, or let a wand pick YOU!


Harry Potter merchandise shops

This shop does not really carry Harry Potter merchandise but rather Harry Potter candy just like the ones in the Harry Potter movies. Filled with different sweets everywhere, you can buy Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Jelly Beans, Cauldron Cakes and more tasty candy!

Honeydukes is located at the very front, left side of Hogsmeade village. There’s a lot of treats to choose from in here so take your time and see how many you can find. The chocolate frogs contain a wizard trading card in each box!

Zonko’s Joke Shop

Harry Potter merchandise shops

If your looking for fun Harry Potter toys, games and jokes, then Zonko’s Joke Shop is the place for that kind of Harry Potter merchandise. Buy a Boxing Telescope, Shrunken Heads, Extendable Ears and more.

Located besides Honeydukes, you can find lots of bizzare and one of a kind Harry Potter toys and merchandise here. You can even find sweets like Fever Fudge, Fainting Fancies and other strange candy, as well as Harry Potter souvenirs.

Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods

This is actually the shop that you have to exit through at the end of Harry Potter and the forbidden journey ride, located in the Hogswart’s castle. There are lots of Harry Potter collectibles, shirts and apparel, house crest banners, replica movie props and lots more.

You can find a large mix of Harry Potter merchandise here, from Quidditch clothing, Harry Potter toys, souvenirs, chess sets and other Harry Potter items. It’s also here where you can buy a picture of yourself on the Forbidden journey ride.

So there you have it, the Harry Potter merchandise shops inside the Wizarding world of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios! You will notice other strange shops with bizarre items in the windows as you walk down Hogsmeade village.

But those are just for looks, you can’t actually go inside these shops. There is one more shop called the Owl Post. It’s the mail shop just like in the Harry Potter movies. You can send mail out here and buy stamps and a few other items, but not much.

Harry Potter merchandise shops

Of course there are also beverage carts around outside, including the popular butterbeer cart! I just love the taste of butterbeer, try the frozen type as well as the regular kind.

All the Harry Potter merchandise here is official licensed items you can only buy here. I will talk about some of the more popular items in future articles. For Harry Potter fans having a collectible or toy from here means a lot.

So if you are lucky enough to get to the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, make sure you check out the shops and get your favorite Harry Potter merchandise items for yourself, and as great gifts!


  1. juan vallejo says:

    where can i find harry potter replica candy like in the shop

  2. You can go to Amazon and type in “Harry Potter candy” in the search box. You will find lots of it there.

  3. *Mrs. Padfoot* says:

    I’m goin’ to Honeydukes first and last. CANDY!!
    I can’t wait. N:)

  4. mudblood says:

    do you know how much the brooms are?

  5. To Mudblood, who asked how much the Harry Potter brooms cost:

    That depends on what type. They have small display ones, plastic toy ones and full size collectors type brooms. The small display ones go for around $32.00. The plastic ones that are about full size, good for a costume for a kid, also goes for around $30.00.

    However the big, full size replicas that are collectors items go for around $250.00 to $300.00. Hope that helps. :)

  6. Mackenzie says:

    For the person with the question about the broomsticks, no offense to Harry Potter World but the broomsticks they sell aren’t that good. Try http://www.noblecollection.com They have fantastic replicas. They’re kind of expensive, but they last.

  7. Were is this place????? If its not near Canada |I will be sad :(

  8. Hi Hetty. It’s at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

  9. Take it away ernie says:

    do you sell replicas of the rasta head that was on the knight bus in the prisoner of azkaban? Dre head I believe he is called.

  10. Hi there take it away Ernie. I looked around but I can’t seem to find anyplace that sells only that head, not even Amazon. It always comes in a set of something else. Sorry about that. :(



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