Orlando Holiday season light this year

Normally right about now is when Orlando has one of the busiest tourist crowds. The Christmas Holiday season is normally very busy for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Or any place around Orlando for that matter. But not this year! I can’t believe how slow it is around here right now. I took a drive out around the hotels and tourist strips the past several days.

It is actually more slower than right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. All the hotels are only around 1/2 full, if that. They are having great deals and really slashing prices. I’ve seen whole wings of hotels closed down. Normally they can charge MORE during the holiday season, but not this year. Even Disney is having sales on their hotels.

The smaller attractions and parks are really having a hard time keeping things going. I walked into a McDonalds on one of the busiest streets and had to wait for someone to come out from the back, must have been playing cards back there! The economy is really having an effect on the tourist, even the UK tourist, which is where a lot of holiday traffic comes from.

So all this means that Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World have very small crowds. That may be bad for them, but it’s great for anyone who can do an Orlando vacation now! If you can do an Orlando vacation this winter, your going to save a bundle and have the parks all to yourself. Airfares are pretty cheap, depending on where you are.

The hotels are giving great deals, restaurants are having specials like kids eat free and so on. The car rentals are giving price breaks, shopping malls are having sales, it’s just a really great time if you can afford to come. Normally you have an hour or two wait to get on the most popular rides at Walt Disney World.

But right now you can almost walk right on, or have just a 15 minute wait. Of course they have all their beautiful holiday lights up, so everything is very pretty. Cheap prices, your pick of hotel rooms, no traffic, no lines at the rides, discounts everywhere, what’s not to like! So, if you always wanted to do a Walt Disney World holiday vacation, this is the year to do it!