Orlando low price economy hotels in the Disney, theme park area

Ramada Convention Center I-Drive
Ramada Convention Center I-Drive

Little by little I keep adding pages to this tourist site, filling it up with information you can use for your Orlando vacation. Today I added a page of economy priced hotels I recommend, which you can find here in my Economy Hotels page. All are in the Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World theme park area.

When it comes to hotels, there seems to be two types of people. One type thinks of a hotel as just a place you sleep for the night, nothing more than a bed. So to them, paying a high price for a hotel seems crazy and pointless. They just want a basic, clean and safe room they can sleep in each night and the rest of the time they will never be in it.

The other type thinks of a hotel as their home away from home, and they want a room with all the extras and amenities. The hotel they stay at is one of the highlights of their vacation and what they remember most. There is no wrong or right way to view a hotel, it’s all in the persons view and what they want.

So I’ve started making pages of Orlando area hotels in the economy, mid-price and luxury ranges. I just finished the first one, economy hotels. Now just because they have low starting prices does not mean they are low quality hotels. All of them I listed are high quality, popular chain hotels that have low starting prices per night.

The same hotel here that has a $30.00 per night starting price can also have high end, $150.00 per night suites. These are just a list of the hotels that have the lowest starting per night prices. Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Comfort Suites, Travelodge Inn, Motel 8, La Quinta Inn, Fairfield Inn, Econo Lodge Inn are just some of the hotel chains here.

So just how low are the hotel rooms per night you can find? Well it depends on the time of year, as hotels change their base prices a few times a year. But on average you can find the lowest per night prices of around $29.00 to $49.00. Clicking on one of the hotel pictures take you to the rates page so you can see all the room sizes and rates.

All of them on this page are ones I recommend and would go to myself. They are all in the Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World theme park area. I did not include any in downtown Orlando or in some areas I don’t think are safe. All these are clean, safe and big chain hotels that you know you’ll get good service.

You can find smaller mom and pop hotels that are a few bucks cheaper, and many are very nice. But there are some that attract desperate drifters, as well as some that are not very clean. So I have not included any of those here. For the few bucks you save it’s not worth it if you pick the wrong one!

So if you like to save money on hotels and just want a clean and save room, check out my Economy Hotels page. Check the location of each so you get one that is the closest to whatever theme park your going to. Save money yet get a quality hotel room here!