Orlando vacation outlook from now till Easter

Now that the new year is here, many are thinking about an Orlando Vacation. The winter months are when many from the northern part of the USA come down to Orlando. Some come down for the winter, others just for a week or two vacation. This year has been different than normal due to the bad economy.

Simply put, it’s been DEAD down here, at least compared to how it normally is at this time of year. Many are afraid to take an Orlando vacation, saving up their money in case they lose their job. Others are afraid if they do take a vacation from work they will have no job when they get back! Even the people from the UK, which makes up a big part of Orlando tourist, is light.

What that all means is that this actually is one of the BEST times to take an Orlando vacation if you can, or dare to. The crowds are light, prices are down for everything from hotels, car rentals and even dining. The holiday traffic is gone, so that leaves Orlando pretty crowd free. So just when do I think it will pick back up?

Well, it’s hard to say this year, it’s been a very strange one. However I’ll tell you what I think. Once the new president gets in office, I think it will have a big psychological impact on people. I think everyone will start to hope that things will get better. Just that will get more people spending and create a few more jobs.

But it’s not going to happen overnight of course. I think the whole of this year will still be down a lot, compared with the past few years when everyone was riding high on credit. It will take time, but things will get better, things always get better. So I think people will not be taking too many Orlando Vacations from now until Easter.

There always is an upturn in Orlando tourist at Easter, and by then I think people will be having a little better outlook on everything. Also soon after that we have bike week and spring break. Then we also get more UK tourist coming in. So if you want the best deals with the least crowds, from Jan. 1st to Easter is the best time to take your Orlando vacation.

I think the whole year will be down compared to the last few, but of all the times, now till Easter will be the best. Hotels are still only 60% or so full, prices are down everywhere and the weather is great, not too hot like in the summer. So if you can, and always wanted to take that once in a lifetime Orlando vacation, do it in the next few months!