Hotel room or a suite for your Orlando Vacation?

Written by Bill Manning

So you’ve decided your going to take the family on an Orlando vacation, great! You’ve also decided your going to get a hotel for your stay there. But there is one more thing to think about, and that is do you want to get a standard hotel room or a suite? First you need to know just what each one comes with and the pros and cons of each.

Many hotels only have standard hotel rooms. But there are quite a few in the Orlando area that also have suites. Some hotels only have suites in different sizes. So first lets look at what a hotel room gets you. Normally even a big hotel room will just be one large room with one or two double or king sized beds. It might also have a fold out couch.

So you can sleep about 6 in a large hotel room. It will have one bathroom and maybe a coat closet. The better ones will have the shower and toilet in one room with the vanity and sink separate. That way one can take a shower while others use the sink and mirror. It also will have some dressers, a table or two, a few chairs and so on. [Read more…]