Buffet stations at CityWalk New Years Eve party

The CityWalk new years party food stations picture

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For those of you thinking of going to Universal Studios CityWalk New Years Eve party, they have come out with all their plans and information. For a full list of what’s going on that night see my CityWalk New Years Eve party article with updated information.

One of the highlights of the party is the free buffet food you will get that is included with the price of the event ticket. Universal has just come out with a detailed map of the stations where they will be.

There are actually several different types of buffet stations. They have entree`, seafood, desert and champagne stations. If you click the text link below the picture above you can see a full size image that shows where they all will be.
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Universal Studios CityWalk New Years Eve events, party for 2011, 2012

Universal Studios New Years Eve party

Note: the new and full information about this years Universal Studios New Years Eve party for 2011-2012 has finally been posted! So I have an update below, just scroll down to where it says updated info!

It’s time to find out what’s going on at Universal Studios and CityWalk for New Years Eve 2011, 2012! At this time they have not come out with a complete list of events, like who will be the lead band playing there and so on.

So I will have to update this article once I know more. However there are some things I can tell you that you will want to know. The biggest thing is, there will be NO fireworks at Universal Studios parks or at CityWalk, their nightclub entertainment center.

Over at Islands of Adventure everything will be normal with no special new years events planned. That park will be open until 1:00 AM, a bit later than normal.
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How did you like Universal’s CityWalk New Years Eve party?

Citywalk new years eve party!

Now that new years eve is over, I just have to ask something. I made an article a few months ago about Universal Studios CityWalk New Years Eve party. I got a ton of traffic and comments about it.

So much so, that I REALLY want to know how the people that went liked it! No I did not go, those types of crowded parties are just not my thing. But I heard it was a great success.

So if you went to the CityWalk New Years Eve party, leave a comment here and let me know how it went. Was it great? Was it only so-so, or did it really turn you off and you will not be going this year?
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