Crystal Arts shop at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park

Disney's crystal arts shop

There are many great shops you can find inside Disney’s magic kingdom theme park. As someone who goes there a lot I’m a bit jaded about all the stuff. Most is overpriced plastic “stuff”.

However one shop I highly recommend checking out the next time your at the magic kingdom is the crystal arts shop right at the front of the park on main street USA. It’s on your right as you walk toward the castle.

Inside here you can see the most beautiful cut crystal figurines, blown glass art, spun glass figures and lots more. They have a glass works artist that makes spun glass art as you watch.
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Tom Sawyer Island at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney's Tom Sawyer island

Tom Sawyer Island is an unexplored attraction at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Located across the Rivers of America in Frontierland, this giant-sized playground is inspired by the famous works of writer Mark Twain.

The island is accessible only by raft, featuring great oaks, elms, red maples, and pines. It has a cave, a pioneer stockade, a windmill, and hills to climb. Visiting this place is a must for families with children ages 5 to 15.

Tom’s sign welcomes park guests to the island. The map of the island shows the bridges, buildings, paths and other things that can be seen here. This is a great place to let your children burn off some energy while you slow down a bit.

The area opened in 1956 and provides interactive, climbing, and scenic opportunities. Many visitors say that this is a piece of Disney perfection, offering a chance for kids to enjoy some old fashioned fun and use their imagination.

Tom Sawyer Island has bouncy bridges to cross, forts to play in, and caves to explore. Where else can you ride a log raft over to an island that boasts spooky caves, trails, walking paths, and an underground escape tunnel?

Based on Mark Twain’s famous novel, this artificial island has everything that a child could want, including a grist mill, forests, forge rugged trails and other attractions.

Once you get on the island, you can visit Smuggler’s Cove, go to the Dead Man’s Grotto, or explore the Captain’s Treasure. At Castle Rock, guests have access to stationary telescopes offering breathtaking views.

Other popular attractions on Tom Sawyer Island include Pirate’s Den, Tom & Huck’s Tree House, Fort Wilderness, the Pontoon Bridge, and the Bone Cage. If you can visit this place before or after most of the crowds, you will have a great time exploring the island and running free.

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First part of new Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom open

New Fantasyland rides at Disney now open

Most Disney fans may or may not know that Fantasyland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park has been going through some makeovers. New attractions are being built and long time rides are being moved and touched up.

Well one of the first sections of the new Fantasyland has opened, just in time for the spring breakers. The new Dumbo ride and Goofy’s Barnstormer roller coaster are both now open with a new look.

They both do the same thing as they always did. But the Dumbo ride has a new color theme to it, with some different scenes painted on the ride. Golden storks also are on the top of the ride.
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