Car driving tips and advice for Orlando, Florida

Car driving tips in the Orlando, Florida area

Visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a popular vacation for many. However driving in a strange city and even a different country if your from outside the USA can present challenges. Here’s some driving advice for the Orlando, Florida area.

If you decide to get a USA car hire and do your own driving on your Disney vacation there are some things you should know. First of course is that everyone drives on the right hand side of the road. If your from a place where you drive on the left it will take a little getting use to, however you quickly learn it.

Remember that you will be in a tourist area, which means many other people are driving around on vacation and don’t know where they are going. Watch for other cars making sudden lane changes and turns as they come up to exits too fast. Or cars braking suddenly as they see their exit and they are in the wrong lane.
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Driving in Orlando Florida tips, tricks & the law

Okay so your not going to get to drive that type of car in the picture! If you go on a Florida vacation, chances are your going to need to rent a car or van. Actually if you plan it right and just do the major theme parks you don’t need to rent a car at all. But if you want to really see the different things in Florida, and I recommend that you do, then you need a car.

Orlando Florida is a very vast, spread out area with everything located miles away from each other. Surprisingly you can get to where you want to go very fast because everything is connected by highways and toll roads. Almost all roads have two to three lanes each way. I’m not going to get into every detail of Orlando driving here, just the basic laws you want to know.

But first, just how do people drive in Orlando? Well, it depends on if your in a tourist area or a local area! Driving around Disney and the other parks you will be surrounded by other tourist who don’t know where the hell they are going! People do strange things when they are frustrated and lost. I’ve seen cars stopped dead in the middle of a highway reading a map! [Read more…]