Candlelight Processional Christmas holiday event at Disney World’s Epcot

Disney candlelight processional holiday event at Epcot

Walt Disney World is having lots of Holiday events going on around Christmastime. One of the favorites is the Disney Candlelight Processional holiday event at Epcot.

If you’d like to see and experience how Christmas is celebrated around the world, without ever having to leave the U.S.A., visit Walt Disney World in Orlando this holiday season!

Epcot will be rolling out its Holidays Around The World spectacular, complete with live entertainment, international holiday traditions, and thousands of decorations and lights.
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Walt Disney World Epcot show IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

Disney's Epcot Illuminations fireworks show

IllumiNations: Relections of Earth is a show that takes place at Disney World’s Epcot theme park. The show lasts 14 minutes every night unless it’s canceled due to weather restrictions.

Specific show times may change, so be sure to check the schedule. This amazing show is made up of fireworks, lasers, and water, along with music. Every member of the family is sure to enjoy this spectacular show!

It can be viewed from anywhere within the World Showcase that offers an unobstructed view of the lagoon.
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Disney’s Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot review

Walt Disney World Spaceship earth ride at Epcot

The most eye catching sight at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park is the Spaceship Earth ride. This huge round ball is made with 11,324 individual triangles that form the outside!

Inside this big round ball is the Spaceship Earth ride. Here’s my Epcot’s Spaceship Earth ride review so you can find out what it’s about and if you think you want to go on it. :)

Scenes of scientific achievements add a dramatic new twist to the story of humanity from the beginning of time to the electronic age within Spaceship Earth, the story of communications throughout the ages.
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Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2010, Epcot wine food festival

Epcot food wine festival

Once again it’s time for the Disney’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2010! This year the Epcot wine food festival is going to be great, as it always is. This fall season event runs from October 1, 2010 — November 14, 2010 at Epcot theme park.

Each year they transform Epcot into a tasty buffet, where you can sample the best foods from around the world. There is a lot going on and many different things to see, do, drink and eat!

As you walk through the world showcase you will see more than 25 international marketplace kiosks that will be offering each lands specialty foods, along with wine and beer.
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So just how big is Walt Disney World?

Well I hope everyone had a great New Year’s eve without getting into too much trouble! I read something the other day that made me laugh, and then made me realize just how little a lot of people know about Walt Disney World. I was reading a personal blog online, and this girl was saying that her and her husband were going to go to Disney World.

Okay, great, nothing wrong with that. But then she went on to say that they wanted to get a Disney hotel. That way, she said, they would be right there at Disney and be able to walk to all the Disney parks! Oh my, I sure hope she sees this post, because if she really goes thinking that, she’s going to be in for a big surprise.

So, just how big is Walt Disney World? Well first lets make sure your talking about Walt Disney World, not Disneyland. Disneyland is the one in California, Walt Disney World is the one in Orlando, Florida. Disneyland is much smaller than Walt Disney World, MUCH smaller! Also when you say Walt Disney World, your talking about the whole complex, not just one of the parks. [Read more…]