New Harry Potter ride youtube video from Universal Studios

For you Harry Potter fans, here’s a new youtube video of the line going into the Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey ride. Yes, they are letting in regular guest for the soft opening finally.

But only a few at a time, and only for a few hours each time. They are trying to get the bugs out of everything and see how things work with crowds in there. Some places you can already see are going to be packed.

The main ride however is getting rave reviews, so that’s a good sign. Check out the video above of Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey ride line. It’s long but if your a big fan you’ll love seeing everything.

They should be letting more and more people in until they finally open it up fully on June 18th. You can try to luck out and hang around there before the 18th to see if you can get in for one of the soft openings.

Universal Studios Harry Potter land grand opening June 18th!

Harry Potter world

Well we finally have an official opening date of the eagerly awaited Harry Potter land at Universal Studios. The head honcho’s at Universal has said the grand opened will be June 18!

Now, noticed I said that’s the “grand opening”. That is when they really make it official, hold the press conference and all that good stuff. But I already said they are selling vacation packages with Harry Potter land included for May 28 or so.

That’s because they always have a soft opening for any new ride or attraction. A soft opening means they open the attraction, or in this case the gates to Harry Potter land. Not all the shops or rides may be open during the soft opening.
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Sneak peek at Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Universal Studios peek at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter park

One of biggest projects going on at Universal Studios Orlando right now is the construction of the new Wizarding world of Harry Potter park. Located where the dueling dragons are now at Islands of Adventure, it will be a theme park within a theme park at 20 acres in size. Harry Potter fans are very eager to see it open, and many will be scheduling their Orlando vacation around the opening date.

Up to now Universal Studios would only say it would open sometime in 2010, quite a big time frame. But now they have announced that The Wizarding world of Harry Potter theme park will open in the spring of 2010! That still leaves 3 months or so of time within to open, but at least it’s better than a whole year.

Universal Studios peek at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter park

As for what rides you can expect, there seems to be at least 3 major Harry Potter themed rides, maybe as many as 5. The biggest and best so far seems to be “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” a state-of-the-art attraction located within the recreated Hogwarts Castle. Not a roller coaster, it sounds like a mix between the “Spiderman ride” and “the mummy”.

The other Harry Potter rides will also be good I’m sure. Universal Studios is really banking a lot on this, so they know they have to get it right and get it good! If you need to schedule your Orlando vacation soon and really want to visit The Wizarding world of Harry Potter, I would play it safe and shoot for late spring, around June to make sure it’s open.

Universal Studios peek at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter park