Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial day weekend

Happy Memorial day weekend everyone! For many this is the start of summer. It’s already getting pretty hot here in Florida, I think we are in for a very hot summer this year.

This also is the start of our famous afternoon thunderstorms, so be careful while driving in the afternoon as chances are you’ll get surprised by a quick downpour. When that happens remember to turn your lights on, slow down and watch for other drivers who may stop still if the rain gets too hard.

I will be going with some friends to Playalinda beach this weekend, over by Cape Canaveral. Nope, not the clothing optional part of the beach, which is way down at the end of the beachline. Maybe someday. 😀

If your driving somewhere this weekend please be careful and give yourself plenty of time as the roads will be packed. Don’t drink and drive and watch out for others on the road, including motorcycles.

The theme parks will be full too, maybe even reach capacity with some of them, like the Magic Kingdom. So be prepared for lots of people if you hit the parks.

So I wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend and hope you all have a good time and be safe. Just relax, don’t plan too much into each day, and be sure to protect yourself from the sun! :)

Finding the best deals for your holiday vacation

Best holiday vacation deals

Everyone wants to save money when they book a holiday vacation. These days it’s even more important to get the most for your money and stretch your hard earned dollars. So what is the best way to do that?

Well these days you can find and compare just about everything online, and the same is true for flights, hotels, rental cars and other vacation holiday expenses. There are many useful online tools at your disposal to get the best holiday deals ever.

Some of the best ones let you compare different popular airlines, hotels and more to get the best prices for a cheap vacation package. Flight checker tool comparison charts for instance can give you the best prices for an airline flight between several popular airlines. Hotel deal websites work the same way, showing you what each one will cost in a particular area.
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Many get the holiday blues at Christmas

Holiday blues

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season. But the truth is, many don’t look forward to the whole Christmas season. It’s not because of the actual reason for Christmas, it’s because of all the other stuff that gets shoved in your face during this time of year. Many travel to family for the Hoidays, and for some that’s reason enough to get the blues!

For those in big family’s, you get the whole “so are we going to your parents house or mine Christmas day” fight. Then when you get there you have to pretend you really look forward to cousin Larry and his darling 4 kids, or try to remember all the distant relatives who say hi and you don’t have a clue who they are.

This year is even more trying for most, as the economy crunch has really cut into people’s lives. Many who thought they were going to be celebrating Christmas in their new home are now crammed in a tiny apt. and looking for work. Never mind who’s at fault, the point is it can really get you down. Everyone wants to give their kids what they want for Christmas. [Read more…]