Hotel room or a suite for your Orlando Vacation?

Written by Bill Manning

So you’ve decided your going to take the family on an Orlando vacation, great! You’ve also decided your going to get a hotel for your stay there. But there is one more thing to think about, and that is do you want to get a standard hotel room or a suite? First you need to know just what each one comes with and the pros and cons of each.

Many hotels only have standard hotel rooms. But there are quite a few in the Orlando area that also have suites. Some hotels only have suites in different sizes. So first lets look at what a hotel room gets you. Normally even a big hotel room will just be one large room with one or two double or king sized beds. It might also have a fold out couch.

So you can sleep about 6 in a large hotel room. It will have one bathroom and maybe a coat closet. The better ones will have the shower and toilet in one room with the vanity and sink separate. That way one can take a shower while others use the sink and mirror. It also will have some dressers, a table or two, a few chairs and so on. [Read more…]

Can you take an Orlando Vacation without a rental car?

One of the biggest things you need to figure out when you take an Orlando vacation is if your going to do any of your own driving or not. Much depends on just what your going to do when your here. Orlando is a very spread out city, with many points of interest miles away from each other. If you do much sight seeing a cab will quickly cost much more than a rental car.

However many tourist in Orlando do quite well without a rental car, because they don’t go very far. So lets talk about those who would not need a rental car. Lets say you and the family are going to be down here for 7 days. Your a big fan of the theme parks and have almost every day planned out, with each day going to a different park.

You schedule in a day or two to relax and take it easy. So for the most part your whole vacation will consist of staying at the hotel or going to the theme parks. Disney has buses that go right to the airport and whisk you right to your Disney hotel, if your staying at a Disney one. For the other hotels there are many other buses, passenger vans and taxi that operate out of the airport. [Read more…]

Grocery store shopping on your Orlando Vacation

When your on an Orlando vacation, your going to spend a LOT on food and snacks. Eating just seems to be one of those things you do lots of while on vacation. Your walking around, seeing the sights and being more active than normal. Also because Orlando is hot you tend to drink a lot more fluids. Lucky for you there is a snack food store on every corner down here!

You also will eat at a lot of fast food joints and restaurants. But after a few days of all this junk food, you might want to do some real food shopping to eat at your hotel. Most hotels have a mini fridge and microwave, while suites can have full kitchens. If your not from around here, and most likely your not, your not familiar with the most common grocery stores here.

I’ve seen a lot of people buy lots of stuff at the 7-11’s down here. They are everywhere! But, anything you buy there is going to cost you a lot compared to a normal grocery store. I’ve seen poor tourist ring up 80 bucks worth of food that fit in one plastic bag at those 7-11’s. So where do you go to buy real food at a real grocery store? [Read more…]