Orlando low price economy hotels in the Disney, theme park area

Ramada Convention Center I-Drive
Ramada Convention Center I-Drive

Little by little I keep adding pages to this tourist site, filling it up with information you can use for your Orlando vacation. Today I added a page of economy priced hotels I recommend, which you can find here in my Economy Hotels page. All are in the Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World theme park area.

When it comes to hotels, there seems to be two types of people. One type thinks of a hotel as just a place you sleep for the night, nothing more than a bed. So to them, paying a high price for a hotel seems crazy and pointless. They just want a basic, clean and safe room they can sleep in each night and the rest of the time they will never be in it.

The other type thinks of a hotel as their home away from home, and they want a room with all the extras and amenities. The hotel they stay at is one of the highlights of their vacation and what they remember most. There is no wrong or right way to view a hotel, it’s all in the persons view and what they want.
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Summer Orlando vacation hotel rates still a bargain

The 21st marks the official first day of summer. Of course it feels like summer already, especially down here in Florida! With the summer season comes the summer crowds and tourist. Many think that Florida is the most busy during the winter, but that’s not true. It’s in the summer, like most places in the USA, that Orlando gets the most tourist.

All the international tourist that are having winter in their side of the world come to Florida in the summer. Also here in the US summer is when schools are out, so that is when the family gets to take that yearly vacation. Along with the summer crowds are the summer prices on everything, which usually is higher!

Most of the time it can be quite a bit higher too. Hotels put their summer rates up, which can be anywhere from 20% to 50% higher than the fall and winter seasons. However that does not seem to be the case this year. As we all know it has been a bad year everywhere, and still will be well into next. So the hotel prices have been low.

They will jack them up higher in the summer, but not as much as before. Also since they are already lower than normal, the price increase is not as much as in the past. There will be plenty of “middle class” hotels in the Orlando theme park area with daily rates of $30.00 to $50.00 per day! Plus many weekend and weekly specials.

So there still will be plenty of hotel bargains in Orlando this summer. Just check out some of the hotel booking places you see in the sidebars here and see for yourself what a great summer of bargains an Orlando vacation this summer will be!

Orlando vacation hotels & motels

I can’t believe I have made this many post and still have not made one about Orlando vacation hotels! I think that’s because trying to pick out a hotel is such a long, confusing process and I’m not sure where to start. So, in this post I’m just going to give you a general idea of what types of hotels there are in Orlando.

Now, The three big theme parks have their own hotels you can stay at. Disney World has a bunch of hotels and resorts to stay at. Universal Studios has several, and even Sea World has a few within walking distance of the park. So why not just stay at those then? Well, many do of course and they are fine.

All hotels at the parks are nice and clean with all the extras. They reflect the parks themselves, so they bend over backward to keep you happy. BUT, everything has it’s price, and with park hotels it’s exactly that, the price. For the most part you end up paying more than you would if you got a hotel outside the parks. Most of the time, but not always. [Read more…]

Staying in Orlando for the Daytona 500 NASCAR races

Well I did it again, being just a few days late about an event I should have posted about here in Orlando! Yesterday was the Daytona 500, the first race of the season for NASCAR. Of course the Daytona 500 is not in Orlando, it’s in Daytona Beach. But many get a hotel in Orlando or come to Orlando to do the tourist stuff.

Daytona Beach is around 60 miles north-east of Orlando. The best way to get there is on I-4, which goes straight there. I use to have a courier route that took me right past the track all week long. Now I have to admit I’m not a big fan of racing, but my mom sure is! She watches every race that comes on TV.

On race day it can be damn hard to find a place to park. The parking right there at the track quickly fills up and then people start parking everywhere all around it. The shops around the Daytona 500 track get real tough with their parking. If you can’t prove your there to use their store your going to get your car towed. [Read more…]

Orlando vacation outlook from now till Easter

Now that the new year is here, many are thinking about an Orlando Vacation. The winter months are when many from the northern part of the USA come down to Orlando. Some come down for the winter, others just for a week or two vacation. This year has been different than normal due to the bad economy.

Simply put, it’s been DEAD down here, at least compared to how it normally is at this time of year. Many are afraid to take an Orlando vacation, saving up their money in case they lose their job. Others are afraid if they do take a vacation from work they will have no job when they get back! Even the people from the UK, which makes up a big part of Orlando tourist, is light.

What that all means is that this actually is one of the BEST times to take an Orlando vacation if you can, or dare to. The crowds are light, prices are down for everything from hotels, car rentals and even dining. The holiday traffic is gone, so that leaves Orlando pretty crowd free. So just when do I think it will pick back up? [Read more…]

Orlando Holiday season light this year

Normally right about now is when Orlando has one of the busiest tourist crowds. The Christmas Holiday season is normally very busy for Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Or any place around Orlando for that matter. But not this year! I can’t believe how slow it is around here right now. I took a drive out around the hotels and tourist strips the past several days.

It is actually more slower than right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. All the hotels are only around 1/2 full, if that. They are having great deals and really slashing prices. I’ve seen whole wings of hotels closed down. Normally they can charge MORE during the holiday season, but not this year. Even Disney is having sales on their hotels.

The smaller attractions and parks are really having a hard time keeping things going. I walked into a McDonalds on one of the busiest streets and had to wait for someone to come out from the back, must have been playing cards back there! The economy is really having an effect on the tourist, even the UK tourist, which is where a lot of holiday traffic comes from. [Read more…]

What is Orlando Inside all about?

If your here, you must have been looking for something about Orlando, Fl. Maybe you were looking for information on Walt Disney, or Universal Studios. Maybe it was the Orlando airport, or shopping in Orlando. So just what is this site all about? Well let me tell you who I am! My name is Bill, and I have lived in Orlando for over 17 years.

I worked for Walt Disney World for 2 years, and Universal Studios for 1 year. I have lots of friends who work at Sea World also. I worked at the Orlando International airport for 3 years, and was a courier driving throughout Orlando for 5 years. So, I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about Orlando! Through out all those jobs I always saw tourist making bad decisions and choices.

Now, I work from home making websites like this one. I decided to make this site to share all the inside secrets I know from my years of working and playing in Orlando’s theme parks, airport and the many hotels, rental shops, dining areas, resorts and shopping places. I want to help tourist who come here so they get the most out of their vacation and not the vacation from hell!

So this site is all about Orlando; how to get around it, how to get the best deal for your money, the best hotels to stay at, what to do and what NOT to do. An Orlando vacation guide that helps you make your Orlando vacation the best one ever. Best of all, all this information here is free for you to use! So browse around and get tips and tricks for your Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or other type of Orlando vacation.

Welcome to Orlando Inside!

This is Orlando Inside, a new Orlando tourist site dedicated to helping you get around Orlando, Fl. easier. With tips and tricks on Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, hotels, travel, time shares, dining, shopping and much more. All the information you need for your Orlando vacation stay is in here, so enjoy!