Second Harry Potter wand cart at Harry Potter land

Harry Potter wand cart

Just wanted to show you a quick few pictures of the outside cart that sells the Harry Potter magic wands. Ollivander’s wand shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been packed full since the park opened with lines up to an hour wait.

So they quickly made another outside cart filled with the most popular Harry Potter wands. It’s over by the Forbidden Journey ride at the end of the park. It does not carry all the different wands that you can find inside Ollivander’s.
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Harry Potter wands inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop at Universal Studios

Harry potter wands

Harry Potter wands at Ollivander’s magic wand shop inside Universal Studios

One of the most popular items to buy inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios is a Harry Potter wand inside Ollivander’s magic wand shop. In fact there has been up to a two hour wait to get into the shop!

But there has been some confusion about what types of magic wands you can buy there. Ollivander’s magic wand shop is based on the same magic shop in the Harry Potter movies.

In the movie the wand “picked” Harry Potter. At the Ollivander’s magic wand shop at Harry Potter theme park the shop keeper ask every 20th or so kid to step up to the table. He then puts on a show and has a wand pick the kid.
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