SeaWorld putting trainers back in water with killer whales

SeaWorld getting trainers back in water with whales

Well here’s some interesting news from SeaWorld. It seems as though they are going to very slowly start putting trainers back into the pools with the killer whales.

As most people know, SeaWorld has not allowed any of the Orca whale trainers into the water with any of the whales since SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by a 6-ton orca named Tilikum on Feb. 24, 2010.

But now they say they are going to very slowly start some water works with trainers in the water with the whales. At first it will be just restricted to small medical pools equipped with false-bottom floors that can be lifted out of the water.
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Two killer whales pregnant at Sea World

Orcas pregnant at Sea World

It looks like there will soon be two more orcas, or killer whales, at Sea World in Orlando. Two of the whales, Tamia and Katina are pregnant. The father seems to be Tilikum. Yes, the same one who killed Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau in February.

I guess that’s good news. I’m not sure how that will affect the Shamu shows, if any. With two of the whales being pregnant at the same time there might be a break in the shows when they are getting close to giving birth.

But after everyone will want to see the little new baby whales! So I’m sure that will help out Sea World and give the shows a new angle. I will let you know once they give birth. :)