The Disney vacation club timeshares

The Disney vacation Club time shares

The Disney Vacation Club is similar to a timeshare program, but it’s so much more! You become a member of the club by purchasing a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort.

You choose the dates of your vacations, the length of your vacations, the type of accommodations you want, and where you want to go. The program is very flexible, and you’ll get extra perks, too. For example, you’ll get discounts on annual passes for theme parks.

Where can you go as a member of The Disney Vacation Club? Of course, all the Disney properties are included: Disneyland in California, Disney World in Orlando, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Hong Kong, and Tokyo Disneyland.
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Getting free theme park tickets to see timeshares not worth it

I’ve got a funny story to tell you regarding Orlando timeshares. It’s a true one, not making it up. Way back when I first moved to Orlando I had one of my sisters come down for a visit. We did not have much money, in fact both of us were broke. I wanted her to see at least one theme park while she was down here, so I checked out the deals at timeshares.

Well it turns out that one was advertising a pair of free tickets to Sea World just to come in and take a tour of the timeshares. I forget how, but somehow we passed ourselves off as husband and wife (no redneck jokes here please). They asked for your drivers license and stuff, I forget what you needed but it was not much.

So on the day of the tour we went in and they had a free breakfast waiting for us. Actually there was around 20 couples there, all doing the same thing. That’s how they do that, round up a bunch for a morning breakfast and sales pitch. A guy came out and told us he was our guide and salesperson. So after we ate he led us to a timeshare unit, all the while just bursting with energy and so happy to be with us! [Read more…]