SeaWorld’s Bands, Brew & BBQ event for 2013

SeaWorld's Bands, brew and BBQ event

Take your family and friends, and enjoy the hottest weekends of the season! SeaWorld Orlando brings you the Bands, Brew & BBQ festival, an annual event that is held on Saturdays and Sundays, from Feb. 9 to March 17 2013.

If you enjoy country and classic rock music, you will love this fun-filled event! Over 100 specialty beer selections and dozens of food tents will be available for your enjoyment.

Party lovers who attend the SeaWorld Bands, Brew & BBQ festival will have access to incredible concerts with award winning artists, including Styx, The Beach Boys, Rodney Atkins with Uncle Kracker, Chris Young with Jerrod Niemann, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Third Eye Blind and other popular bands.
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Jack Hanna weekend at SeaWorld

If you love and appreciate “critters,” mark your calendar for March 24 and 25, 2012 for the Jack Hanna SeaWorld weekend event. Pack your duds and head to SeaWorld in Orlando, where you’ll get to see the legendary Jack Hanna live and in person.

Jungle Jack will be hosting shows each day in the Nautilus Theater, at 1:15 and 3:15 p.m. Attendees will learn about nature, birds, animals, and conservation.

As you probably already know, Jack Hanna always has some feathered or furry pals with him. Sometimes these co-stars are eagles, sometimes they’re leopards, and at other times, he’s been joined by noisy kookaburras from “Down Under.” No matter which creatures try to steal the limelight from Jack, the show is sure to be educational and entertaining.
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SeaWorld Orlando Bands, Brew and BBQ concerts, shows 2012

SeaWorld's Bands, Bew and BBQ shows for 2012

SeaWorld in Orlando has hit a major homerun with this event – Bands, Brew, and BBQ. Three of America’s favorites – what’s not to love? The fun starts on February 12, 2012, and takes place every Saturday and Sunday from then through March 4.

Listening to the live performances is even better when it’s accompanied by tasty food and great beer, and SeaWorld has taken care of these details. Scores of beers from some twenty international and American breweries will keep everyone’s thirst quenched.

And as for food, it’s all about barbecue and items hot off the grill. Guests can travel from tent to tent sampling the offerings, or they can relax in the beer garden. The BBQ will be prepared by some of the best grillmasters in the area, along with some of SeaWorld’s own skilled chefs.
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SeaWorld’s Just For Kids festival spring of 2012

SeaWorld just for kids festival spring of 2012!

January and February are usually pretty dreary months for kids. All the fun and excitement of Christmas is over, and in much of the country, the weather is depressing.

Believe it or not, these two winter months can be a blast at SeaWorld! The park rolls out its red carpet for kids, with the SeaWorld Just for Kids Festival. For four Saturdays in a row, from January 14th through February 4th, 2012, kids of all ages can enjoy shows, music, rides, animals, and more at the Orlando park.

On Januray 14th, Lazy Town Live will be performed on stage. In case you’re not familiar with Lazy Town, it’s a television show that encourages families and kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle. In the stage show, Ziggy, Stephanie, and Sportacus address energy.
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Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and playground at SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu’s Happy Harbor rides and playground at SeaWorld Orlando is fun for little kids while offering a break for parents. It’s a great place for the kids to play while you relax on the bench with some drinks.

Featuring a water-filled spray ground, remote-controlled trucks and whirlpool tea cups, Shamu’s Happy Harbor is the most popular area for small children at Sea World.

This play area is hosted by the park’s Shamu killer whale mascot, and has a four-story net tower with kiddie slides, climbing pyramid and bounce houses.
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SeaWorld putting trainers back in water with killer whales

SeaWorld getting trainers back in water with whales

Well here’s some interesting news from SeaWorld. It seems as though they are going to very slowly start putting trainers back into the pools with the killer whales.

As most people know, SeaWorld has not allowed any of the Orca whale trainers into the water with any of the whales since SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by a 6-ton orca named Tilikum on Feb. 24, 2010.

But now they say they are going to very slowly start some water works with trainers in the water with the whales. At first it will be just restricted to small medical pools equipped with false-bottom floors that can be lifted out of the water.
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New Shamu killer whale show One Ocean at Sea World this summer

Click to hear about the new killer whale show “One Ocean” at Sea World

For you Sea World of Orlando fans I have some news for you! Seems like this year, maybe around late spring, they will have an all new shamu killer whale show!

The new Sea World show will be called One Ocean, which will replace the 5 year old “Believe” killer whale show they have had. The pool and props around it will be very different and will be extensively re-done.

The reason for this, even if they don’t say it, is because of the death of Dawn Brancheau, who was battered and killed by a killer whale last year. In this new show, no Sea World trainers will be in the water with the killer whales.
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Sea World New Years Eve 2010, 2011 fireworks, shows and events

Sea World new years eve events 2010, 2011

If your a big Sea World fan, chances are you want to know what’s going on there on new years eve. Basically on December 31st, 2010 new years eve you can see all the shows and events they have been having all month long for the holidays.

I made an article about the Sea World holiday and Christmas shows and events 2010 here, so check it out. But the Sea World New Years Eve 2010, 2011 will have one more thing.

First, the Sea World park times on new years eve will be from 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM. You can enjoy the Polar Express ride to the north pole, take in the Sesame Street Christmas show and more.
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Manta roller coaster video youtube at SeaWorld

It’s hard to believe, but the Manta roller coaster at Sea World in Orlando is now a year old! So here’s a cool Manta roller coaster video from youtube that celebrates the first year anniversary of it.

The Manta roller coaster at Sea World has been very popular, and the ride has worked great with very little break downs. With the Manta roller coaster, you sit under the track.

Not only that, but you then are extended into a horizontal position, or close to it. Some call it the superman position, like your flying through the air on the roller coaster.

You feel like your going much faster in that position, and it makes you come close to a waterfall and the water below on some of the twist and turns it puts you through.

More than 1.4 million people have rode the Manta roller coaster at Sea World since it’s opened. The attraction also has great sea life exhibits you can walk around and see, with Manta rays and lots of aquatic life.

Make sure you ride it if you go to Sea World in Orlando. Watch this Manta roller coaster video youtube clip and you’ll see why it’s so much fun!

Sea World killer whale Kalina dies suddenly

Sea World killer whale Kalina dies
(AP Photo/SeaWorld Orlando, Steve Szerdy)

I’m saddened to inform you that one of Sea World’s killer whales has died suddenly. Kalina, a 25 year old female killer whale, seemed fine on Sunday. But Monday she seemed sick and died soon after.

Kalina was born at Sea World from her mother Katina. She had several calves of her own since then. The cause of death will not be known until they do a necropsy, results which can take up to 6 weeks.

It has not been a good year for Sea World Orlando, with the death of one of their long time killer whale trainers Dawn Brancheau coming months ago. She was killed by Tilikum, a large male killer whale.
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Labor Day weekend events and times at Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World

Labor day weekend events at Disney, Sea World and Universal Studios

With Labor Day weekend coming up, many want to know what’s going on at the theme parks here in Orlando. Specifically what Labor Day weekend events and activities are going on at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World? What times will the theme parks be open?

Well, actually the theme parks don’t really do much different things for Labor Day weekend. For the most part they just might have a little more in the parades, a little better fireworks show, maybe some cookout type of food served on open grills.

You might even see a few Labor Day themed food carts or merchandise displays. But for the most part Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World will be like they have been all summer during Labor Day weekend.
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Two killer whales pregnant at Sea World

Orcas pregnant at Sea World

It looks like there will soon be two more orcas, or killer whales, at Sea World in Orlando. Two of the whales, Tamia and Katina are pregnant. The father seems to be Tilikum. Yes, the same one who killed Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau in February.

I guess that’s good news. I’m not sure how that will affect the Shamu shows, if any. With two of the whales being pregnant at the same time there might be a break in the shows when they are getting close to giving birth.

But after everyone will want to see the little new baby whales! So I’m sure that will help out Sea World and give the shows a new angle. I will let you know once they give birth. :)