The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios review

Universal Studios the Simpsons ride review

The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios is one of the most popular rides there. Here’s a quick The Simpsons ride review at Universal Studios so you can decide if it’s a ride you want to go on.

This six-minute ride is based on the popular television series, The Simpsons. To enjoy this zany ride, you’ll have to walk through a giant Krusty the Clown’s mouth to get to the circus pavilion and Krustyland, a cheap theme park created by the clown. After seeing some “live footage” of the Simpson family on an outing at Krustyland, guests are taken to the ride.

Shortly after entering the ride vehicle, Sideshow Bob, recently escaped from prison, takes over the park and the car goes on a wild ride complete with crashes, thrilling drops, broken tracks, all sorts of special effects, and huge versions of the Simpson characters.
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The Simpson’s ride at Universal Studios Orlando Florida

I’m having a long day, but I wanted to quickly give you all a short youtube video of the new Simpson’s ride at Universal Studios Orlando Florida. I went to Universal with a friend of mine of Friday, which will most likely be the coldest day of this year! I was really cold most of the day with the wind blowing.

The crowds as I have been saying were very light. Most rides were only 10 to 20 minutes long, short by normal standards, which is 40 to 2 hours long! They had a lot of problems with some of the rides, not sure if it was because of the cold or not. Right now they have the water rides under maintenance.

They do that now because it’s a bit too cold for people to be going on water rides. So this is when they do the annual over haul of them. Anyway I went on the Simpson’s ride. It’s the new ride that replaced the back to the future ride. It’s very good, much better than the other ride that was there. Enjoy this quick video of the outside!