Summer Orlando vacation hotel rates still a bargain

The 21st marks the official first day of summer. Of course it feels like summer already, especially down here in Florida! With the summer season comes the summer crowds and tourist. Many think that Florida is the most busy during the winter, but that’s not true. It’s in the summer, like most places in the USA, that Orlando gets the most tourist.

All the international tourist that are having winter in their side of the world come to Florida in the summer. Also here in the US summer is when schools are out, so that is when the family gets to take that yearly vacation. Along with the summer crowds are the summer prices on everything, which usually is higher!

Most of the time it can be quite a bit higher too. Hotels put their summer rates up, which can be anywhere from 20% to 50% higher than the fall and winter seasons. However that does not seem to be the case this year. As we all know it has been a bad year everywhere, and still will be well into next. So the hotel prices have been low.

They will jack them up higher in the summer, but not as much as before. Also since they are already lower than normal, the price increase is not as much as in the past. There will be plenty of “middle class” hotels in the Orlando theme park area with daily rates of $30.00 to $50.00 per day! Plus many weekend and weekly specials.

So there still will be plenty of hotel bargains in Orlando this summer. Just check out some of the hotel booking places you see in the sidebars here and see for yourself what a great summer of bargains an Orlando vacation this summer will be!

Orlando flooding not in the tourist area

It seems like these days the news tends to dramatize everything. If a tornado hits one town in Oklahoma they make it sound like the whole state got blown away. That seems to be what is happening right now in Florida.

If you’ve seen the news, you know that parts of Florida is having a little flooding problem. The east coast and parts of central Florida have been having days of thunderstorms and lots of rain. Talking to some family out of state they seem to have the impression that every house in Florida is under water and all roads closed!

That of course is not true. The only places that are suffering some flooding is areas on the east coast, in places that are in flood plains. Places they never should have built any houses anyway. Even then it’s only small areas of those towns. But of course it does not take much to equal a lot of damage in dollars.

Here in central Florida where Orlando is everything is pretty much normal. We always get afternoon thunderstorms in summer, but only for an hour or two. These just happen to be bigger ones that last longer. I just wanted people to know that despite all the hype on the news, everything is normal in Orlando and the tourist areas.

Dunkin donuts and Orlando vacations, great match!

You might think that talking about dunkin donuts in an Orlando vacation guide is a bit out of place. But, lots of people love them, and many tourist feel that getting their morning coffee from a dunkin donuts shop feels like home. Besides, it’s my site and I feel like talking about them, so there! I have very few bad habits (no really).

But one habit I do have, or maybe it’s addiction, is that dunkin donuts coffee! I started drinking it when I was in my teens and have never had more than a day or two without it ever since. I love it nice and sweet, in fact about 5 dunkin donuts shops around here know just what to give me when they see me; large coffee, 7 creams 7 sugars.

Yes that’s a lot of cream and sugar in a coffee, but that’s the way I want it. Sweet, like my disposition! I can’t stand that bitter, burned starbucks or any of those other places. The last time I counted there was around 3 dozen dunkin donuts shops around the major Orlando theme parks and attractions. So if you like them too, you’ll have one to go to. [Read more…]

A little about Orlando, Florida

Orlando palm tree

Well I guess the best way to start off my new Orlando vacation site is to tell you a little about,,, Orlando! Orlando is located almost in the center of Florida. It’s about 60 miles to the east coast at Daytona beach and around 80 miles to the west coast at Tampa. Interstate 4, or I4 as the locals call it, runs right through it. It travels from Tampa to Daytona clear across the state.

The Florida turnpike also runs through Orlando, which takes you all the way down to Miami, about 250 miles away! So just about anywhere you want to go in the state of Florida, there is a major highway leading to it from Orlando. Sometimes I’m not sure that’s a good thing, as it’s getting a bit crowded here!

The main source of income in Orlando is the tourism trade. Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and many other theme parks, fun parks, water parks and more. Orlando is also home to The University Of Central Florida, a large college. Orlando has many shopping malls, discount outlets and other places to buy just about anything.

The weather in Orlando is on the hot side, at least for most people. Summer’s are normally in the high 80’s to 90’s Fahrenheit, with nights in the 70’s and 80’s. It gets very humid, and almost every day you have a quick thunderstorm, followed by sunshine right after, drying it up within an hour. Winters are dry, in the 70’s in the day and 50’s at night with almost no rain until spring.

The people that live in Orlando are a wide variety, coming from all over the world. You can hear many languages being spoken and colors of all kinds. There is a large population of Puerto Ricans that live in Orlando, as well as just about every other types. Most people here are friendly and understanding toward tourist who may be a bit overwhelmed with cultural shock!

All in all Orlando is a fast moving, fast growing city that has tourism at it’s center. Anything you could want on your vacation you can find here. From the cheapest motels and fast food joins to premiere resorts and $100.00 dollar steak meals, Orlando has what your looking for in a vacation!