Universal Studios Mardi Gras Times and Events

I always seem to post about events going on a little bit late. I’ve got to get out there more often! Well, there is still plenty of time for this event, which is Universal Studios Mardi Gras celebration. In case you did not know, each year Universal Studios has their own version of New Orleans Mardi Gras. Complete with parade floats and lots of live bands.

They also throw out all those cheap beads, candy and doubloons just like in the real one. They make their own floats and have many live performers dancing on the floats and walking next to them. They even have lots of those hot chicks in skimpy costumes, but not as skimpy as the ones in New Orleans!

Universal Studios Mardi Gras is a very colorful and loud event that takes place in the evening. So your not as hot as you would be standing in the sun, but I don’t think that was the reason. They just want to hold it after normal park hours so it’s a separate event and does not distract from the normal park activities. Here’s a list of the live concerts this year: [Read more…]