Universal’s Harry Potter Diagon Alley Park Picture Gallery

Harry Potter theme park

What’s up?! If anyone ever follows this site, you know it’s been a long time since I have added an update. Months in fact. Sorry but life happens, work gets busy and time flies by. Got to pay the bills ya know?

But I’ve got a special new update today for you all. I went to the new Harry Potter, Diagon Alley park they just made at the Universal Studios Orlando theme park. It’s the second Harry Potter park they have made; the first one is in the other park.

They now have a Hogwarts express train that connects the two Harry Potter parks. It’s a fun ride with some mild surprises. You have to have tickets to both parks or an annual pass for both to ride it between the two parks.

The new HP park is a bit hidden away from the rest of the theme park, making it that much better. Once your in the park you can’t see anything outside the tall buildings and walls. Your suppose to be in London of course.

They did a great job of making it, adding amazing details. The centerpiece ride is Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts, based on the scene from the movie of HP and friends going down into the bank vaults. It’s a fantastic ride with lots of surprises, I highly recommend it.

Anyways I spent today taking lots of pictures of the park. I tried to capture all the little things many overlook as they hurry through the park. I was going to stay until dark and take pictures of the lights but I got rained out. Next time. Enjoy this picture gallery of the new Harry Potter, Diagon Alley park! :)

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